bomber fan apology

hey ti cat fans. i was reading the post of the general cfl forum page here about the last play call by the blue and gold. and i just want to apologize for the slap in the face the coaching staff gave u. 0's on the clock and go for a 52 yd fg. ven just to test westwood or not. Great by the tabbies tonight unforuntaley kinda fell apart in the end. but great fight.

Test Westwood? I think it was attempted because of the tie-breaker rules in the standings at the end of the season. You need as many points as you can get. (I don't think you guys are gonna have to worry about that though.)

Either way, I think it was totally gutless and thanks for the post.

Not guttless at all. I would do the same. Every point counts in the CFL tirbreaker formula. Simply put any whinning is just poor sportmanship not trying to score points late in the game

Frankly, if the positions were reversed, I would have done the same thing.

Thank God, I though everyone on here was blind...thank you made me have faith in the forum again.