Bomber faithful are true loyalists

Bomber fans could very well be the best unconditional fans in the league.

Sporting a dreadful team the past few seasons, and not having won the Cup in 24 years, have done little to break the abject loyalty of the Bomber faithful 24,000 of which showed up to IGF last night for a meaningless pre-season game.

Kudos to you guys in the Peg.
The Riders definitely have some competition. :o

Agreed, I am not too sure many other stadiums will have that many for a preseason game. Good on them.

even more remarkable is that they got 24,000 out despite the lack of promotion from the media and TSN alike due to the uncertainty of a labor interruption.

Except the even more rabid fans of Regina that is.


And Winnipeg's season ticket base is fairly close to 24k isn't it? Coming from Saskatchewan (and our dreadful 90s-early 2000s period that I remember far too well), it's also a bit of a bump when there's some turnover after an especially bad year; gives a slight touch of hope that there could be improvement.

When your winning , it's much easier . Winnipeg would be very close to Regina's passion level if we had a contender , year after year . No CFL team has supported their team in numbers like Bomber have with such a awful on field product and worse front office . Things finally seem to be going in the right direction !

So are leafs fans and look where that organization is :lol:

That's fair, but at least the Bombers have made it to the final this century. I mean, 40 years of not even making it to the final is where it stops being loyalty and turns into stupidity.

How much MR Young lose keeping the Ti Cats afloat ? Ticat Attendance has not exactly been all that great . Hope you guys can sell your smaller stadium out :smiley:

These are all kind words for a bomber fan that has sat threw years of bad teams!