Bomber effort againts the riders

I am sorry but is it just me, the bombers effort against the riders was pathetic. If you ask me daley has a whole lot of wrok to do with special teams and the o-line

yeah it seemed liek the bombers had no clue as to what they were doing, i watched the whole game and was cheering for the riders befor ete game even started.

Well, I agree, mate, only one word can discriubed last night's game right now, pathetic! We look like a Rams fram team in a pro league and we played like it!!!

Glenn, Canada, and Westwood (especially him) were horrible! Roberts was good, if it was a team of all Chales Roberts, we would have do better! I would love to see how Michna will do now if he starts.

Our defence was ok, but in the beginning and end had huge holes in it which the riders took quick advanded of, the Riders were even laughing at us!

Our ofence was also OK, but really couldn't put a drive togerther when they need to!

...and I don't even want to talk about the special teams! God, how hard is it to go and grab a guy and spot him from running to a TD??? well last night, our Special teams make it look impossible!

Winnipeg, we got a LOT of work to do!!!

I don't feel bad at all for the bad stuff I have been saying abou my team of late, and they are doing everything I predicted this season to turn out, just like the Miami Dolphins (My favoite NFL team) last season.

Everyone says that we imporved, but I'm not seeing it!

what the hell was that.....I can't believe the lousey effort that was put forth by this heart passion except for a handful of guys......just a bloody disgrace. If I were Daley I would be on the hot-line screaming for HELP. Sure its the first game of the season and there won't be a panic....but I was desperatly searching for some intensity and desire from this team and seen none.....Can someone tell me why the Bombers have four QBS. AND CONTINUALLY PLAY ONE. ..when he is obviously not getting the job done...The team effort stunk......they might as well have stayed home and mailed the 2 points to Regina. There has to be some changes before we are further embarrassed. I hope you are still available Fells, Bobo, Bell......S.O.S. :oops:

Papa, I think you hit the nail on the head. Those are my sentiments exactly. Is it just me, or did the Bombers seem scared? It's almost like they didn't want to be there, everytime Glenn went onto the field the look in his eyes was just like "oh god, I hope I get one first down". The defense was ok for awhile there but as the game wore on I think they tuckered out because they were on the field so long. I actually thought the secondary was better, I seem to remember the secondary from last year being nowhere near the ball. I don't remember them being really caught out last night but they still need work. William Fields was owned by Matt Dominguez all night long, and Daley and the defensive coordinator did nothing to change it. When you have a guy that's 6'2 going against a DB that's 5'8, you know that the other team is going to expose it. The Bombers didn't make any adjustments at half time. Lots of undisciplined penalties too. What was with Canada shoving the Saskatchewan O lineman who was exchanging words with Gavin Walls? Tone it down Canada, things are already bad enough. And what was with Jon Oosterhuis flattening Paul McCallum at midfield when he was nowhere near the ball? Stupid, stupid, STUPID! Anyways, in closing, I agree with papazoola. There was an alarming lack of intensity and fire on the field from an overwhelming number of Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The only guys that seemed keen to impress were the D line, linebackers, Roberts and Stokes. The secondary, receivers, Glenn and special teams were in shambles. Daley's days are numbered too. I can't beleive he didn't give Martin or Michna a shot after what Glenn had to go through. That's like leaving a goaltender in a hockey game when his team's losing 7-1. Get him the hell out of there already.

The Bombers have a lot ofnew faces and are going to need time to gel .now that they have seen them in real game situations I think they will know where they stand.You played a team that didn' t change many players over the off season ,This might not be the Bomber's year[rebuilding] but I think they are still going to impress a lot of people . That was an away game they are always tough at home.The Bombers are my second favorite team and i enjoy watching them beat every one but the riders.Hope to see them give the the Eskies a run and good luck in future

That was ermm...interesting. The Bombers were supposed to have one bright spot and that was special teams. Oh man they were special alright. Scott Fawcett, the special teams coach, has his work cut out for him.
And , yes to ill timed penalties.

The worse thing about this loss is now we have to listen the the riderpriders until Labour day.

The Bombers really didn't stand a chance with the Riders. Man did the Riders look great last night.

Just back from my morning round of golf, and pounded my frustrations out on a golf ball. I cant help but think that if the Riders hadnt run it up early with the first 19 points the Bombers could have hung in there. The defence was just on the field too bloody long and ran out of gas, what was it 40 or 45 minutes, no defence can stand that especially this early in the season.

You could really tell in the second quater when the game was still respectable, 19 - 8, I think that had the bombers punched it into the end zone instead of Glenn throwing the pick that the momentum would have shifted. You could see the let down in the whole team, offense as well as defense. I dont think the players have any faith in Glenn and if that is the case, then they have to try someone else. Michna was the best qb in preseason, he should be given a chance now. They need a leader at the qb position and Glenn cant provide it from what we saw last night.

I agree with you 100% pigseye. Michna sounds like he isn't the greatest athlete, but he's cerebral and he has pocket poise like a Tommy Clements. I saw a couple clips of Tee Martin from the couple minutes he played in the Eskimo preseason game and it gave me goose bumps, he looked good rolling out of the pocket and firing it down field. Give one of those two guys a chance for christs sake. Glenn just looked like a deer in the headlights last night. They need a QB that's gonna go out there and tell everyone to listen up and get the f****** job done. Glenn didnt' have much mustard on his passes, and sloppy reads. How many times are we going to throw into double coverage? It reminded me of watching Khari Jones at the end of his tenure here. He could've easily been picked 4-5 times. I guess the ball would've been slippery so you can't blame it entirely on him, but still.

stuffing the run was a mirage out there last night.....Wickman, though he had some good tackles, was not that significant....we supposedly sat out Fells (leader in the pre-season) because we wanted someone out there to stop the run....wah we give up on Fells for the coaches know what the hell they are doing........very worrysome....just some of things that are leaving this team with a low confidence level. :!:

A solid veteran unit, unlike the Bombers, the Riders exploited our weaknesses. BB's most major weakness wasn't inexperience, it was getting used to playing together as a unit.

Daley isn't a stupid man for *uck sake.

If we're crying about Glenn today, it's like last year when Khari wasn't leading us. I'm not worried about our QB situation, because we were anxious to get Khari out and play Glenn. Instead, we're anxious to see Martin. Just be thankful we've got some good back ups. But don't write off Glenn. He did do good things for us last year.

If Martin has the potential to be the next Casey Printers, the Bombers have a lot of hope... but that's if Martin turns out to be excellent. If our expectations are to high, then the BB's QB's won't be doing anything that's expected.

In all, I love watching our D-Line. Like give me a break...

FLEMING WAS awesome. I loved seeing him in a Bomber jersey.

Defense will be our main asset this season.

CLOMAN is a great receiver as well...

A great receiver eh? I seem to remember him dropping three passes, one of which should've been an easy touchdown. The Eskimos cut him for a reason canadiano, he isn't a starter. The fact that the Bomber brass thought that Cloman was better than Stoddard or Colon scares me. Also, I question the early releases of Demetrius Breedlove and Patrick Thibeault. I mean they weren't superstars, but I remember them being half decent. Hopefully Cloman gets better as the year goes on, because I can tell you right now he didn't impress this cowboy last night.

I dont think Daly is a stupid man either, but I really had to wonder what the hell was going through his head leading up to this game. Black or Lief pointed out that Daly had said that they hadnt prepared for the Riders, that they were still working on their own things. Now one would have to look at that and wonder, wasnt this basically the same Rider team from last season and what the heck has being going on in training camp and preseason that you havnt got your team ready yet. Sounds like a cop out to me. Daly new damn well what they were walking into in Regina and he threw the team to the wolves. Sink or swim baby, show me what you can do. I think he learned alot about his team from this game and can now start to make changes for the better.

Look. I think the Bombers still have Stegal, Roberts, Fleming, Brown.

These are diehards. Would I rather have Keith, Holmes, Dominguez

I want the true Bombers to lead us. The rest can be up to Daley if he's not too premature.

The Bombers last won the Cup with Burgess, Eric Streater, Battle, Rod Hill, Less Browne. I think we can do a lot *ucking better with our guys today. If Martin has a chance to play, he'll play... but not at the expense of an experienced QB with potential of hitting recievers like McGarity, or Stoddard, Peterson. We're crying a shallow river guys. It's stupid to even suggest.

Our 91' Cup team broke records in the Grey Cup with a team known for our defense. I still rather have a monster team, with Fleming and Brown finish their careers as Bombers. Let the offense settle. We'll be fine.

If history has dictated anything about this team, it's that as Charles Roberts goes, so do the Bombers. If his offensive line is only managing to open 8 yards worth of holes for such a talented back, I think our problems lie far deeper than quarterbacks finding receivers down field. Hopefully the Argos 2003 rookie of the year John Feugill can provide some help in that department, and if Bobo is taken back into the fold (which in all likelyhood he won't) that would be a huge sigh of relief for this team. Unfortunately, I think were basically stuck with the boys that we have, so hopefully the O line coach can whip them into shape like last year's did at the end of the year and get them playing at a capable level.