Bomber Cuts!

So guys a large amount of cuts happened in bomber land today. Some i fully agree with such as dan sheldon, Nothing against him just a not so good tc and preseason. and others i don;t such are o'neil wilson, i think he did great for us last year and could be a big threat once again.

So what is everyones opinion.

well i dont think they should have let go oneil wilson, and maybe Hargreaves could have been let go, other then that i dont think Greg moss and Willie Amos should have been let go but i think everything else was expected :thup: :thup:

....Amos looked bad on the Mont. td.late in the game...probably sealed his fate...Greg Moss might be kept around along with Amos???? for the rest of the cuts...Fairooz was a surprise, after all the success he had in t.c. BUT Bryant is no slouch as well as Kerry Johnson...all i can say is even without Milt...we have one helluva' receiving corps that is gonna do some serious damage to the opposition :rockin: for the rest of the cuts....not many surprises...

I don't think Slay should have been cut. He had a minor injury during camp that apparently caused his too quick exit. Taman said when they picked him up that his abilities were on a par with Hebert and we all know where he is now. Slay can not only play linebacker but he can also play safety; not to mention his special teams ability. I just don't get this deal of cutting someone with a minor injury. I understand the time crunch and the ratio deal but good grief, give the talented ones a shot. My two cents...

i was thinkiing he was gonna do something, but he didnt in the exhibition game on special teams, i think i remember brian guebert running down the feild faster than him to make a tackle

That may be Slay's problem; maybe he's lost a step. If it is, hello arena ball...

The competition at camp was just so crazy this year making the cuts a bit surprising. I'm glad they kept Johnson over Moss, height being the biggest factor. I thought Amos and McGahee took PR spots ? Not much you can say about Wilson, consistency wasn't his strong point and in the end that cost him.

Although I didn't see any of the preseason games (I am on the East Coast) I thought Beswick might get put on the IR rather than the Practise Roster. He had 3 tackles in the last I thought that might help his case for making the roster.