Bomber coaching staff

Last year many were slamming some of the staff, calling for heads. Such is often the case when a team is losing. However, many outsiders looking in felt the Bomber staff was great, and that it was just a first year hurdle...yes, Lapo made some iffy judgment calls as a 1st year HC.

How do people feel now? Do you still feel there is a big disconnect, or has Lapo progressed well? The Bombers had a great D last year, and it clearly is again this year. The O started out strongly last season until Buck went down. While the O has not been the shining light on the team, it is playing consistently, which I feel is more important than an O capable of exploding.

those people calling for his head after year 1.. they werent from winnipeg i dont think.

poll on free press site at end of last year.. should mack and lapo be brought back for a second season.

80 percent said yes.

cfl sucks when bombers are winning

If anyone was calling for Lapo's head after last season it was a tiny minority of the fanbase. I recall a poll the Free Press did on their website and Lapo and Mack had the support of over 90% of the votes cast. The fans were firmly behind Lapo.

A lot of Bomber fans did question some of Lapo's calls and thought he made some rookie mistakes but I believe the majority of fans believed that would improve with experience and it has.

Don’t let the 7 - 1 record fool you. The offense and special teams coaching is nothing to write home about.

It's far from perfect but there isn't perfect coaching anywhere to be found. The Bombers coaches are doing fine and there's room for improvement like with everyone else but it's definitely improved over last year.

The offensive playcalling is much better this year and they are awesome at making halftime adjustments. I wouldn't switch coaching staffs with anyone other than Montreal at this point.

Yeah, there were a few very questionable calls tonight on offense and special teams. Why the went for a huge bomb before half from our ten when they only needed a yard is beyond me. Almost cost us points. I hate to beat a dead horse but i really think it comes down to execution. Some pretty good plays were called and executed very well. But the second and third quarter our execution wasn't as sharp. I agree with bowler on this one though, hard to be overly concerned with the coaching staff. ALL coaches make mistakes. On a side note, i thought Carr looked pretty good tonight after missing six games. A few miscues between him and buck, which is to be expected, but overall he did well i thought. Don't know what we will do with Harris if Carr continues to play well, kinda worries me... would hate to lose him, he is young and could really be a great player for us for years to come.

Don't let the other stuff fool you. Quite a lot of other teams would take 7-1 in a heartbeat. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing last year is that the Bombers were in so many games. They weren't blown out and they weren't awful. They were just not quite good enough. Another year of experience with the same system has caused those close games to start going the other way. Definitely a good call to give the staff a second year to work it out.

....not to do with the coaching staff (which i've always thought for the most part was sound) but TJ Harris...He came to camp over-weight with an eye on an nfl job...He may not get that shot now with the way things are going...Lapo said he was slower...add to that the frequent drops...enter Carr...I think TJ has to earn a spot on this team again, for him to be successful anywhere in football right now...I hope he can get his game back..The guy has the goods :thup:

...get used to it :wink: