Bomber Circus Poll

With the recent firing of Murphy the Director of Player personel for the Bombers. Macks comments about the possibility of hiring a U.S. coach. Do you feel the circus will continue in Winnipeg ?

Housedog I'll respond to your poll when you (finally) respond to these two matters:

Come on, MadJack, let's not harrass him in every topic. If he doesn't want to answer, that's his problem.

...before Chief hires himself an agent there MJ I'd take that sentence he just penned and make it your sig....

As you wish. But please note:

  1. I was specifically asked in the thread about Winnipeg’s next coach will be. . . to remind him every time he shows up that he still hasn’t answered;

  2. They are not two questions out of the blue [ no pun intended ] but arise directly from his own statements, as has been noted.

This is hardly harassment , in fact, the harassment is from Housedog.He’s spewing the same negativity as usual. He disappears when asked those 2 questions, so I think it behooves us all to continue asking them.

I like Housedog.

Madjack too, although he shouldn't get so irked by Housedog. No one should ever go on record trying to defend the most recently-deposed Bomber regime.

Well (a) I'm not irked, just wanted a straight answer to 2 straight questions, and (b) it has never been my intention to defend the Kelly regime at all. . . I've been very critical of the man for most all of last season, although I have been known to give credit to him when he did some things with which I agreed (although they were sadly few. . . )

Housedog can read, so he knows you are waiting for the let him be, and you might get them.

If he's anything like a normal guy, the more you nag him to do something the less likely he is to do it. At least that's how it works in my household.

Which is exactly what I plan to do. . . when I responded to Chief I led by saying "as you wish" . . . which means I won't keep repeating my request for an answer in every thread, as requested by Chief.

If you removed some of the hard returns so the two questions only formed a few lines you could use those as your signature, MadJack.

That's definitely how it is with me. :lol:

But regarding the topic, I don't see why hiring a U.S. coach would continue the circus in Winnipeg. Trestman is from the States, and there's no circus atmosphere in Montreal. I think hiring from the U.S. could be good... instead of recycling the same half dozen guys here.

So is coach Miller, coach Hufnagel, and coach Hall. CFL head coaches who are Canadian have (and are) a minority.

To Madjack, Dan and the rest of the Housedog followers. You should be concerned about the Bombers fate and mismanagement and not if I approve or disapprove of MGT actions by the Bombers. It seems strange that you would both harass and follow every post I make. I guess you both have nothing else to do in your lives. Oh well, back to posting.

PS. All dogs enjoy attention.

How about this for a deal housedog. . . I won't remind you again to please answer the two questions I've asked you, if you promise not to harass other posters who don't live in Manitoba for not buying tickets to Bomber home games. . . do we have a deal?

Dan. You are sounding like a broken record. When you buy your first ticket to a Bomber game ,I may consider answering your questions. But who knows, but even better yet. Should you buy a Bomber ticket I may even present you with the Housedog award of the year. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I guess not, given that post

Sorry, No deal. I'm a big dog and can handle the harrasement. You know MadJack ,I have a need to protect my territory. Bomber Territory that is. The same as any backyard dog would do. Maybe if you sweeten the dog dish a bit I may take the treat. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Horseshit! That'll do it. My border collie loves the stuff - rolls around in it, sniffs it, probably even eats it...can't get enough of it.

'Course he has to ride home in the back of the truck when that happens.....'s hardly harrassment ,when someone just asks you to tell the truth, about your comments....which in your case housedog, you seem incapable of :wink: