Bomber Cheerleader Threads

So the topic is in newspapers from coast to coast but you guys delete them from the forum?

just lol guys, seriously.

Its still on the main page!

Not that it's newsworthy anyhow. Cheerleaders by design are typically hot. Hot girls typically know that they're hot, are less shy, and hang out with other hot girls. They let others know that they're hot. What is so shocking about this?

So who is the dude with a chip on their soldier deleting it from the forums? Possibly a former Bomber cheerleader lol. It's incredibly weak at any rate.

Yeah but they always have a big friend waiting to shoot you down if you even try and talk to one.

Ahh... Stripper Bomber Cheerleader is running this website. Now we're starting to get some answers...

if you absolutely must have your fix, the one in ticat forum is still there.

Who cares. If everyone is beating the drum for half nude (and I think one nude) picture of some young girls, you really need to get… oh hey, there’s a football game on!

Do you read the forums?
I already pointed out that it is still here

Does that fit into your view of 'good religious morales' FYB, or are we a lost generation still.

Nah ro a couple have been deleted form the main CFL Talk forum already.

Here is a clue for you
See where it says merged?

as this one will soon be

My bad.

Still missing the original topic and others that are not merged into that thread however.

They are all there, nothing was deleted

Unless the search function is broken they are not.

I probably shouldn't be picky, but "half nude" is an oxymoron. :smiley:

The original was merged with the rest of the threads that popped up. I should know, since I merged them. They are still there. Threads that are deleted are archived, and nothing is archived.

No I dont believe so, because Half is not the opposite of nude.

ro, can you say that into my good ear? you just backed me up!

no, but nude means naked or unclothed, as in having no clothes can you be half having no clothes on? Either you have none on, or you don't...

It's an oxymoron.