Bomber Cheerleader hangs with Mont fans.....

You guys want to hear something that pissed me off. I was sitting by a group of young Al fans friday night. (danm they drove me nuts) There had to be about 20 of them. We were having good fun taking cheap shots at each other. In the forth Quarter when the game was getting real intence the group stood up and started chanting Go Al's Go. Of course Bomber fans drowned them out with Bomber chants of our own, but to my surprise, right about the time the Al's had taken the lead in the forth I glanced over at the group from Mont. There sitting with the Al fans was a Bomber Cheerleader waving her danm Pom-Poms to the Chants of Go Al's Go. ( a real Bomber Cheerleader)

That just made me sick. I hope the team looks into this and sends that @#@ to Mont where she belongs. She should not be alowed to wear Blue and Gold Again. What was she thinking.

Yeah I saw that too. I was kind of thinking, what the hell is she doing? It was in the North seats right?

You got that right, It was crap

thats disgusting, if she did that in Edmonton we'd get AJ GASS to blindside her, fire her ass!

Boy that Mathews will stoop to any level...first he spy's at are practices, now he's dressing his daughters as Blue bomber cheerleaders, pom poms and all...I guess any thing goes for an edge in the game....

Section M - North End Zone? Because a Bomber cheerleader came up to a group of young Al fans. This was at the beginning I think? I wonder what she was doing... I heard that she was saying Go Bombers Go but the Als fans were chanting Go Als Go or whatever but I wonder why she went up to them? Guess because they were causing attention? Yeah, she was shaking her pom-poms or whatever. There was alot of Als fans at the game. :shock: Alot of the Bomber fans chanted, "GO BOMBERS GO!" when those Als fans started chanting. Especially me. I was in Section N. So I had to endure those Al fans.

pffft ... lighten up guys

Bleedblue&gold, I'm more interested in the shaking the "whatever" part. Please, tell me more.... :twisted: :twisted:

the cheerleader for the bombers went up to Section M and standed besides the Als fans and shaked her pom-poms in the air while the Als fans in Section M were standing up and chanting 'go alouettes go'...then she left...that was it. o.o our cheerleaders did shake alot more on the field though :wink:

Fire that bitch! :@

Fire…lol…she is just young…and…well blond…to bad I’m married…

the funnest part about that night other than the game was chanting that song about the Al's in section S, would rather be a bomber than a #^&(% alouette, oh i rather be a bomber than a %#^&(^ alouette, yeah id rather be a bomber than a #^&#% alouette because alouettes suck sh*t

i dunno if those are actully lyrics i just thought it was funny :smiley:

Damn. Wish I'd stuck around in that section instead of moving. lol

lol! yeah i saw that also, i was like... god youre stupid... LOL what an idiot.