Bomber Bummer

Dave Naylor (TSN) reports that what happened to Martell Mallett here happened to WPG RB Chris Garrett at their practice today. Like Mallett, done for the season. Hello Fred? Hello Joffrey?

They will be calling Cates or Reynolds.

Bad pre-season for emerging RBs -- following a bad off-season for veteran RBs.

I'm glad we brought Cobourne back before the Bombers had a chance to grab him.

Meanwhile, an error in the G&M's story somehow hurts a little less than the truth would have:

Garrett rushed for 576 yards last season after replacing Fred Reid and Carl Volny, both of whom suffered injuries. Garrett had a career day, running for 190 yards, in the 2011 East Division Final win over the Montreal Alouettes.

the gods of eveness have struck......Whittaker is next....

Huge loss. Garrett has all the tools to be a special player. I doubt they pick up a Cates, Reynolds, or Reid though. Mack's philosophy seems to be to go with the younger, cheaper option.

Boi-dei "Doorsoff" looked like a pretty good running back for Winnipeg in the pre-season games. He's the younger, cheaper option for sure.

8) At this point in time, I would venture to say that Cates, Reynolds, or Reid (if healthy) would come pretty cheap, or
   should I say reasonable salary wise, if called upon .

    It's either take what the team interested in is offering, or go home and slink into retirement !!

    Just depends how desperate they need the money, and really want to play !!!

This sucks big time for Garrett, as he was just starting to make a name for himself.