Bomber and Ti-Cat Preview

Another week and another game, this is the third meeting between The Bombers and The Cats and i expect this to be a close game that can go either way, Bombers are still fuming from last weeks loss and the Cats are as well.

The interesting part of this game is the Bomber roster, seems LaPo is experimenting a little bit with the LB'S and so on and if the live up to the hype we will be fine.


  1. Whoever starts at QB (rumour is Buck) needs to be on there game, we still have Receiving weapons but with TJ Harris out our QB needs to spread the ball around a little more, throwing to Edwards and Bowman all game will not work. Our QB has to have the element of surprise because the Cats will be covering Edwards and Bowman which should open up Chris Davis, Ralph and Hargreaves.
  2. We need a good showing from the Oline to protect our QB and to open up more holes for Reid, Give Reid the ball more to tire out the defense, i think reid will register a 100 Yard game this week. I would also like to see more throws to Reid out of the backfield.
  3. Receiver's HAVE to hold onto the ball, we cannot afford costly drops/fumbles this game, I think they all have improved in this department.
  4. Limit The Interceptions (preferrably none).


  1. In my opinion our defensive line is one of the best in the CFL, we need to get alot of pressure on Glenn to throw him off his game, put Glenn on the turf alot this game.
  2. With the departure of Ike our new LB (Hicks) and Courtney Smith have to play at a high level, can't wait to see what Hicks can do. Cannot forget about Lobendahn either, one of the best MLB'S in the league in my opinion.
  3. Our secondary needs to play at 100% and cover the receiver's at all costs, we have alot of talent in the secondary and i think they will be just fine. Jovon and Glover played great the past couple weeks, Our HB'S are improving game by game and Suber and Stewart will be the keys to covering the receiver's, create turnovers and eliminate the deep passes.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I hope we see Green and Beasley play Defense this game and see what they can do.

MY PREDICTION: Both teams will be hungry and whoever wants the "W" more will win, it will be a close game:

BOMBERS 27 --- CATS 23

GO BLUE :rockin: