bomber and montreal game

Watching this game I was completely disgusted by "Coach" Kelly (and I use that term loosley). Every team in this league does shot gun, but no, he doesn't believe in that!!! :x
We have a quarterback in Mr. Bishop, but he needs to see the field. We are laughing stocks this year. Every team knows that our coach does not like shotgun so they rush. All Mr. Bishop sees is bodies. Kelly, give it up, admit you are a screw up when it comes to offense and hire a offesive co-ordinator.
We have a wonder defense that I can't believe still fought for this game but they need rest between plays.
I want the whole defensive team to just one time when lined up, just fall down lol....then get up and give kelly (you don't deserve a capital for your name) the finger. Maybe then he might get the bone out of his head or, not be so arrogant to think that fans will keep showing up for the games.

Mr. Bishop is doing his best with a game plan around Lafores who can't throw more than 8 yards. STOP IT!!!!
Please the General Manager, get rid of the kelly golden boy and see just how committed he is to him. Get rid of both, we can still save some of the season.

And yes, just to make kelly mad, this is a woman's point of view.

I agree with you there. Flag football players are obviously smarter then Kelly :lol:

....START THE AIRLIFT.....this team is as bad or worse than the argos....ouch....This team is not going anywhere....most likely this year...Sure they were playing argueably the best club in the CFL...BUT c'mon ...there was nothing to take away from that contest that was positive....Guys are winking and laughing on the sidelines in a total joke of an effort......good grief.....Bring in another qb. ...keep Bishop as no 1 till we try-out enough to take the reins.....can the rest....AND FOR THE ZILLIONTH TIME continue to suffer in the kick returning dept.....bring in a KICK-RETURNER....i think i suggested that 4 games ago....bloody ridulous// :thdn: guess they don't want to listen .... :roll: :lol:

add to that give Romby Bryant the pink slip.....he's not CFL calibre...
....sweeping changes are around the cornor..this team will not attract flies if this continues// :thdn:

I'd airlift in a new play book for the offense first.

Nobody listens to the fans. We just see what is wrong. :roll: Bishop is going to be a good qb, but he needs room to see the field. He shouldn't have to run backwards then try to turn around and see what is going on!!! To late by then.

The offense looked credible at times. But just as it was starting to heat up, one of two things would happen:

  1. Bishop would overthrow a receiver or toss a pick.
  2. The Bombers would take a controllable penalty to negate yards gained.

This offense is poorly suited to Bishop. He needs to run at least 8 times a game, ideally 10 to 12 times a game.

80% of the time that Mr. Bishop did shotgun, we got at least 20+ yards. That should tell the idot (coach) something.

I agree, and he can do this, but if he has no time (no shotgun) how is he expected to?

I agree, it's designed for an accurate passer and possession receivers, both of which, Kelly doesn't have.

Wally does a nice job with Jackson in BC, basically run around until someone gets open deep and then chuck it. It also loosens up a defense for the run game. Joseph is having the same problems in TO. Why they (coaches) don't let these guys play their style of game is a mystery.'s unfair to hang the ineptness of the offence on Bishop.....IF he would have started with this club from tc. ....yeah...but he really hasn't got a good grasp of the offence yet....I don't know who we're going to shake loose...or bring in but we definitely have to find a full-fledged starter.. I doubt Bishop will be the answer in the long run so we might as well make a deal now...or resort to the data base....I have very little faith in Kelly decisions as of hopefully there will be input from guys like Nelson and Dyce.....I think the Bluengold are in for some big changes how many time do we have to go to the wall, before we get it right... :roll: :oops:

good game mtl. and thank you for cementing many of the problems that some knew we had and others wouldnt admit.. heres my breakdown

  • thank you for bursting the bishop bubble... even if he had success hes a short term fix and would not make us a contender. but i think he has now proved he is not even a short term fix. when he didnt have recievers open he tried to force dumb throws... and when he had recievers open he could not hit them.. id rather give lefors or randall a shot.. they may not be any better right now but at least they are younger and have room to develope.

  • and our biggest problem... mike kelly... i dont usually criticize coaching too hard cuz im sure they know the game a lot better than i do.. but its getting rediculous... consistantly horrible playcalling is hurting us just as much as the lack of execution... running on second an long. calling short sideline throws when we need big plays... running complex roleouts and formations when we have enough trouble with the basics... (i especially hate how he always rolls our qbs to their wrong shoulder so they have to run stop turn then throw... and endup getting nailed!) ... as well he has castoff many players that now look like they would be very valuable for this team.

  • i hope nfl cuts workout for us because we need o line help (pickard gauthier and goodspeed look like gods right now)

  • i hope we find a kick returner, releasing taylor was a huge mistake!

  • we cut smith for giles and now we dont even dress him. we have no powerback for short yardage...

i really feel for our defense, these guys come in and battle hard game in and out.. they didnt have the prettiest game today but made some key picks and kept the game within two scores for a long time... the O just couldnt help out... heck they even made a huge goaline stand when the game was basically over!

pro's ... good hustle on d... for the most part good coverage and run stopping.. great coverage on kicks... serna and renaud are doing well...

its just frustrating to watch horrible playcalling and horrible formations.. there is a reason every other team in the league uses the shotgun a lot mr kelly.. it works in the cfl... our qbs have enough trouble asit is... under centre gives them less time to scan the d and to see the field

im not saying were a complete write off yet im just pretty upset by these last few games and a lot of it stems from coaching!

That is funny.

In 3 games, Bishop is 45/95 (47%), 1 TD and 4 interceptions. So he isn't the solution (sorry, paulpearson).

But he actually did better than that last year after being shipped to Sask, so he can't be the whole problem either. Kelly says he's seen his schemes work 1000 times before; does anyone know what he's talking about?

Randy Turner makes a good point or two this morning:

[url=] ... 42637.html[/url]

"[i]This isn't about harping about past mistakes. What's done is done.

But moving forward, still with 11 games left in the 2009 season, Kelly and the Bombers are going to have to decide ASAP whether their detour to Bishop is about to drive them off a cliff.

And here's another thing: You can change quarterbacks. You can change receivers who aren't producing. You can even change offensive lineman, citing the need for a new direction. But sooner or later, it's not going to be about the players -- it's going to be about the offensive scheme they're being asked to run.

Yes, Mike Kelly's offensive scheme. We've been told it's too complicated. We've been told it's too simple. But this much is self-evident: It ain't working.

Seriously, how many games do you have to lose, how many players do you have to change, before the time comes to revisit an offence that seems to have done little more than turn 1,000-yard receivers into decoys?

This is the same Kelly who vowed he was going to be the only one to touch the quarterbacks. This is the same Kelly who refuses to bring in an offensive co-ordinator to replace himself[/i]."

You have a poor memory! Bishop was offensive player of the week twice with Sask last year, he had some 300 and 400 yard passing games, has not come close to that in Winnipeg.

I agree with Whiskey, he says it very well.

That's what I thought I said: he did better in Sask than in Winnipeg, so he's not the whole Bomber problem.

Yes I have a poor memory but I think I'm OK this time.

...Bishop is NOT the long term answer...He;d be a great reliever like Jackson of the leos...but we need a 'Kenny Ploen'...a take charge, athletic, intelligent playmaker....Someone the team will respect and go all out for...Don't see many like that hanging around these days....Might as well try bringing in a few...cuz we are going nowhere with the present group... :cry:

But the biggest thing. That team has gone from #2 in the East to last and Kelly was mocking Taman calling Glenn an Albatross :thdn:

This is what really rubs me the wrong way about Kelly: his arrogance and disrespect of others without having done a single damn thing to earn his cockiness. He mocks Taman, calls Glenn an albatross, trades him. Brings in an unproven LeFors from Edmonton and anoints him the starter without any serious competition. Gets pissy at the league because he can't circumvent league rules (no extra QB practice in the offseason) to make up for HIS lousy personnel decisions (trading a veteran, going with three young guys). Craps on the rest of the league by saying the shotgun is for flag football or guys who don't know how to coach quarterbacks. The Spygate fiasco. The way he reacted to Armstrong. Calls the media 'lazy asses.' Refuses to own up that his schemes might need changing. Calls his own fans schizophrenic. Implies that Bates has been released before it's even official. Insults former Bomber and sure-fire Hall of Famer Milt Stegall just for doing his job.

Honest to God, who does Mike Kelly think he is? If he'd just approached his job with a little humbleness and humility, he'd not only have gotten more leeway from the fans, but would probably have been more successful. The beginning of wisdom is, "I do not know." Kelly came to the Bombers thinking he was the football mastermind who'd single-handedly change the team's fortunes. That's a bad attitude to have, especially when you don't even have the track record to warrant such arrogance.