Bomber Analysis From Game 1

haha i wouldnt go that far. not even thinking of the cup. thats when snow is on the ground almost sometimes, most times is.. its like so muggy here we's been spotting tornados forming all oover the city but.. dying out but stil. ITS NIIICE OUT.

and they gassed the mosquitos so yay :smiley:

but.. ya, safe to say... i dunno, id use protection. but i likes your atttitude. USA USA USA.

Check out this power ranking by the ole CBC

[url=] ... week1.html[/url]

The corporation has more morons than a monkey has flees. So much for having a good game.

LMAO not everyone in the world wears blue and gold covered glasses.... the rest of the world can see through the mosquito fog!


That's how I ranked them too. The CBC has BC & Calgary swapping and Edm & Ham swapping.

So you agree with them about Hamilton being 7th.

Absolutely..... we did not show up last week

You'd be stupid not to have Hamilton 7th. Some may even say the Argos outplayed us.

But you see, it's only week 1. Parts 2-17 are coming up. Every team has a bad game. We're lucky that ours came in week 1.

haha lucky yours came in game 1.. for sure.

what if game 2 is worse?

what if calgary comes out and lays the smackdown on you guys.

ofcourse ham has nowhere to go but up, i mean 210 total yards. id hope u dont plan any worse than that. actually i prey that the cats go 0-18 but thats not gonna happen.

What if the Argos continue to surprise, and upset the Bombers? Could happen. That's why we play the games.

Coming in here is kind of fun. It's like going through a time warp. Everywhere else it's Week 2, but in here it's like we're already halfway through the season, and the Bombers are only a couple games away from locking up the East. :smiley:

How have the Argos been surprising??? They've been just what everyone thought they would be...

Argos did not surprise anyone, losing to Calgary is not a good sign because Calgary is not a great team. There is always an upset in the CFL but the Argos still have a couple years of rebuilding to do. The Bomber's at home will dominate T.O.

Some praise from Chris Schultz heaped upon our D:

On defense, Brandon Stewart and Alex Suber - the young defensive backs - did not look young. They looked old in terms of being at the right place at the right time. And Arland Bruce had three catches fore 44 yards. I don't think the opening day win was Hamilton playing poor as much as Winnipeg playing very well and being highly prepared. It was the best opening day pass rush I have see in a long time.

I think the bolded part speaks volumes...