Bomber Analysis From Game 1

Okay, a real game was played many wrote us off, said that we would come out slow with all these new player's, QB, Coaches, Playbook ETC.

First i would like to turn my attention to the TSN idiots mainly Jockstrap Climie, I think i know it all Shultz and the rest of the TSN idiots ------ A call goes against the Cats and it's a bad call, a call goes against the Bombers and it's a great call ---- I have had enough of these Winnipeg BB Bashing rejects on TSN. No matter the situation these idiots alway's say something stupid, like we were lucky, Pierce was Lucky and blah blah blah blah ---------

Now i have that out of my system i can get to my points.

The Cats were supposed to come out and destroy us because they are more familier with each other and the playbook ---- Looked more like the opposite, Cats looked lost, confused and could not find any answers to our offense and defense for that matter. The Bomber offense was superior and the Defense played awesome (considering all the new player's). Which brings me to my main points:

BOMBERS PLAYERS OF THE GAME: Hard to say who deserves this on offense and defense so i will pick one player from each side of the ball and put in some notables.

Offense ----- Buck Pierce was the best on his side of the ball, 68% completions 2 TDS, 1 Rushing TD and nearly 3oo Yards in the air and 91 Yards on the ground ..... Edwards was clearly the best reciever on the field with 2 TDS and almost 200 Yards recieving, The OLINE did a great job considering this was the first game for 2 of the guys, Buck was protected and Reid had some holes.

Defense ----- Tough call here as Brown, Smith, Willis and Hunt were all over Glenn creating early throws and sacks, great job by these guys BUT Alex Suber and Ian Logan Clearly had the advantage over Bruce and like LaPo said Suber is like Glue and it showed last night, Suber was very good in his CFL debut with a little help from Ian Logan (the most underrated safety in the league), Brandon Stewart also showed he can play, my pick though goes to PHILLIP HUNT, he was unstoppable at the line and seemed to always be in Glenns face.

So there you have it ------ good job all around (except ST) we cannot let crap like the kickoff and missed FG happen again and Serna has limits as well, now LaPo should know that and not put him out for a 45-50 yarder into a 40KM wind.

...i have to greatly agree with your last point bluengold...I realize that Serna had a new player holding the ball for field-goals...HOWEVER....Bestard and the little guy better get together and put in a little over-time on this aspect of the game or it could come back and bite us in a close game.......Kick coverage has to be better....I think Lapo will be making a call to special teams demon Doggett, shortly...No-way would Mr. Thigpen have been running wild with him on the field....We also need a kick return 'specialist'....Someone along the lines of a Stokes or Armstead...It's becoming clearer that this is definitely a weakness...I luv Jovon , his attitude and talent but someone else should be carrying the brick...someone who specializes in it... we'll see:wink:

The special teams problems are to be expected when you have a new long snapper. Those kickers are so finicky when it comes to the snap and hold and timing that it takes time to build that relationship. It will come, Serna has a very strong leg and will be okay.

And the big returns were just a couple rookies taking bad angles, and a few questionable blocks.

Overall, the officiating crew looked to still be in pre-season mode, way too many missed calls.

Also, Lapolice won’t be happy with all the penalties taken.

After seeing the Cats play we might have been blessed with the schedule we were dealth. Our ST appears to be in need of some extra work. If our offence and defence are able to pour it on for a little while, the ST should be able to catch up then look out! Leaving three field goals behind is never a good thing but we should not be too concerned about it. Bestard had a a short while to learn how to do it the way Sterna would wants it. At least he never sailed one over Renauld's head on a punt.

boy I sure hope the team isnt underating the Cats like some of you Bomber Fans are.

Once they get a couple of kinks worked out they are going to be a tough, tough team.

Their Front seven is probably amoung the best in the league, and they were for the most part really limiting Freddy's success on the ground other then the one 50 yard run.

although I dont think it matters tomuch if they replace Rottier or not, I think his back up would have probably not faird much better against Hunt, He's a monster. I see our D-line causing fits all over the League... Im thinking Madjack Predicted right when he called our D-line the best in the league

that said, Hopefully Douglas will either Improve, or January returns sooner then expected, he stuggled a bit in the opener. Pierce took some hard hits on friday... Glad to see he bounced right back up though. Showed me he may last a whole season with his sliding to

I agree james, Hamilton is a better team than what they showed, but how much better is the question. They are a veteran team how much better will one or two changes really make them ?

And what about the Bombers ? Aren't they the team that was supposed to need half a season to gel ?

If the Bombers are still gelling and are ahead of the TiCats at this stage, what does that say ?

A note from Bomberland regarding a KR/PR, i heard the Bombers may be willing to try Bernard and/or Chris Davis as a returner against the Argo's. I also agree with making a call and bringing back Doggett as a ST player at the very least. But Papa it is only game #1 and breakdowns on special teams happen alot in the first 2-3weeks. The Montreal game saw big returns, thr Argo's had a big return etc. etc. The coaching staff does not really need to bring in Doggett just yet, they just need to tweak the ST player's a little bit. Example, on a few ST plays i saw the Bigger guys on the field alot, player's such as Sadeghian, Oosterhuis and so on. LaPo needs to figure out a way to put in faster player's who are good at tackling in the open field. Leave the ST to the faster guys who are not yet prominent in the defense or offense, that would negate the risk for injury to some important player's.

No one is underestimating the Cats James, we are just simply pointing out a few area’s on the BB’S that need work, saying that The Cats were supposed to be in fine form, gelled, familier with each other and the playbook AND the Bomber’s were supposed to stumble out of the gate, fact is the Bomber’s were the better team overall in week one and if you read my other post about what i have been telling Ti-Cat fans all off season about Glenns slow starts and Marshalls predictable defense, many cats said i didn’t now what i was talking about, facts are facts though Glenn has always had slow starts to many games (usually at least a half of crap football) and it’s hard to recover from that, Ti-Cats should be worried about his tendencies. Also they should be worried about Marshall’s predictable defense, we seen it here and we know, but i guess i don’t know squat according to Cat fans.

Bestard was giving out some low snaps but whoever the holder was did a great job of getting them off the ground in time for Serna to get the kick off.

Hopefully for the bombers he doesn’t go through those confidence issues like he did in 08 where he couldnt hit a field goal for the life of him.

He’ll be needed next week against a strong Toronto Defence.

Next week the BB'S will not have to rely heavily on Serna as the Argo Offense will have a tough time of there own playing against the BB'S Defense, it won't be as close as everyone thinks!!

Who thinks it’ll be close?

Not me.

I think the Bombers go 2-0 with a bang.

'''''after re-reading my original post....It should have read....'new guy snaping the ball'...not 'holding' on field goals...You'd have to be pretty quick on your feet to snap the ball and get back to hold it as well :lol: I don't think i'v ever seen that done :lol:

In a way, there is a new guy holding for Serna though too. Last season I think Renaud was the holder for only a couple games before he was injured (LeFors was his holder until he went on the 9 game) so factor that in along with having a new long snapper.

See? This is why Madjack can post here anytime… lol

Not saying the bombers won't win, because i think they will. But don't under estimate the argos defence. While the bombers may have the best 1-2 punch at DE, the argos probably have the best 1-2 punch at defensive tackle. Huntley and Belli side by side is quite a threat and IMO Morley and Khan looked to be the weak links one the offensive line.
I think as long as the argos don't turn the ball over this will be fairly close, but yea, they'll most likely turn the ball over and the bombers will win easily. :thup:

This will be a good test.

The Argos will be hungry after putting up a good fight in Calgary and the Bombers could be in for a let down after their emotional win.

Hope the coaching staff keeps them hungry.

The release of Bestard could be a subtle reminder to the players to perform or else, as kubie put it.

i dont expect any let downs from this team this year.. they just seem to want to go out there and show that last year was a joke. they are professional, they arent happy leaving points on the field against the cats and they did. they werent happy with first down production.. this is a team that right after they wooped the cats said.. we have nothing to celebrate, nothing to be happy about and plenty to work on.

listen to buck pierce after the game, he talks of improving first down production, talks of.. week to week, 1 game at a time..

this week its the argos.. will they take them lightly? HELLZ NO.

will they kick the crap out of them.. i say thats more likely than the argos pulling off the win.

this is the difference between buck and qb's of bombers past.. buck wants to get better, demands everyone to be accountable for their mistakes..

did anyone notice this.. TJH got called for offside, next play.. buck throws him the ball for a first down.
terrence edwards doesnt cut his route in like buck expected him to, terrence running back to the huddle says "its on me"
next play, buck hits terrence with a first down. brady browne almost picks off a pass, couple plays later.. HE BLOCKS THE PUNT. courtney smith almost intercepts a pass, 2 plays later.. HE DOES

THIS IS WHAT A LEADER LIKE PIERCE BRINGS TO THE TEAM. if u screw up, he will go back to you and show that he has confidence in you to get the job done.

its little things but thats what makes a good team, GREAT.

ticats come back to make the game closer than it really was.. next drive, buck leads em downfield and puts the final nail in their coffin. bombers were the most impressive team week 1 and they could have been better.

is it just 1 game? yes. but.. at the same time, WE DOMINATED when noone expected us to. its a good sign.

....many teams have been guilty in the past of looking a game ahead....LapO knows the guys have to concentrate on the NOW GAME..... and take one game at a time....and most of all NEVER underestimate your opponent :wink:

Great win! Buck Pierce was the star of the game without question, its a good thing they questioned their initial plan to go with the QBs they had prior to Buck, would have been a different outcome had they not questioned initial plan.