Bomben Traded to Argos?

For TJ Heath apparently


It's official

Als, Argos swap Heath for Bomben in trade

I wonder if the addition of Landon Rice makes Montreal comfortable enough to part with Bomben? According to another article I saw, they had another DB go down so they needed to replace him.

Per Zurkowsky's tweet, starting corner Mitchell White left the field on a stretcher Thursday and is done for the year.

Apparently TJ Heath's trade value is a lot higher than Abdul Kanneh's.

  1. At least Bomben will be back close to home again now (Burlington). :slight_smile:

"Comfortable" giving up an excellent three-time all-star guard still at or near the peak of his career while adding a five-year career back-up guard who was beaten out for the starting job by a raw rookie this season?

Oh wait... it's Kavis Reed... never mind!

Actually, this should be a very good deal for the Argos who have been starting an international at right guard. And T J Heath has been a major big dollar disappointment for the Argos this year.

We made that exact same decision, prior to knowing how Ciraco would turn out.

(I didn't like the decision.)