Bomb the Bombers!!!!

Well, that's more like it! Taylor's fumble might have given some diehard fans heart palpitations, but the Als never let go after that. The defence had to make a statement in this one, which they did in high fashion. Bishop, at best, has run hot and cold all of his career. They kept enough pressure on, which forced him to rush his throws. They were behind the 8-ball from the get-go. There was one glaring defensive lapse when he hit that bomb, but that will happen. When you have a big lead, to which the Als kept adding, a play like that won't be a turning-point.

I still maintain that Calvillo needs some reps next game - the Als have to stay focused and sharp. The Als will have a long layoff after that. McPherson should also play, perhaps even Leak. The Als still have to play with intensity. In the second half, they should put in the 2nd and 3rd stringers; the Argos have guys known for their dirty play.

WAY TO GO Als!!!!