Boltus the new qb.??

...It's being reported (not officially) we've signed Boltus who was playing in the arena league....Makes sense as Bellefueille knows him well from Ham..Temporary measure because of the injuries to Hall and Pierce (what you say Pierce was injured :lol: )...I don't think we'll see Buck behind centre again BUT with this team you never know :roll: Boltus at least has taken a few snaps in this league and he better be prepared to run like hell behind that leaky o line of ours, or he could be toast and join the walking wounded..

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Here's a little tid-bit I found about your new Q.B. Interestingly enough it also mentions,your current Q.B. Goltz !!!

I think the articles title....pretty much says it all.

Boltus had a good year in the AFL. Having been a backup with the Ticats a few years and having some game experience in the CFL play helps. He's a good addition, whether for the short or long term depending on how much time Hall and Buck will be out. I would expect he's not the last of the QBs we see coming in though as I think there will be at least 1 or 2 from NFL cuts that may be brought up once the cuts are made and CFL PRs expand.

Band-aid solution. Time for a blockbuster deal for a legit starting QB. That is the only thing that will get fans interested again in this team.

I say go after Mitchell or Willy. Whatever it takes.

Well, Calgary's a bit thin at receiver, with Nik Lewis gone for the season. So, as a starting point, offer Edwards for Mitchell and then expand the trade from there.

.....I don't think you'll get the Riders to free Willy...If Durant goes down they could be dead in the water...Bo Levi is Huffers golden boy of the future...He won't be going anywhere soon.... Glenn is hurt also and Tate is Buck Pierce 2...We would have to sell the farm to get anyone of any value...I don't see it happening till the end of the year...BUT ..this club never ceases to amaze me with surprising moves.... :lol: Training camp report 2011,Boltus and Belleviue

So what is your point! You run down the bombers for getting him and now you show up here with this link. :x

Skidsteer, if the Bombers do nothing, the same posters that criticize every move will then criticize their inaction.

Roll the dice on Bo Levi Mitchell?

I say give Calgary fair exchange for Bo Levi, except do not trade Henoc Muamba. I like him best and you can see how pissed he is at losing.

Well Edwards is “old” and Matthews is a free agent at the end of the season. I doubt that Calgary is even willing to consider trading him with Glenn playing out his option and Tate who hasn’t shown he can stay healthy. Really when you look at that porous oline. I’d take Mcpherson over all of them.

Agreed. ZERO chance calgary trades Mitchell. Tate's still out for a while, Glenn is dinged up and if he got hurt and they didn't have Mitchell there, their season is over. No way they put themselves in that position. They will protect him in the draft and risk losing an injury prone Tate to Ottawa.

I sure agree with you Dan about Muamba; Henoc would be the only untouchable were I to be running the show there. I know you also mentioned Simpson, but while I agree he's good, US colleges churn out lots of good running backs every year, so running back is the easiest position to replace, so I would not treat him as untouchable.

Now as to the other posters saying Calgary won't give up Mitchell, I tend to agree; for the reasons stated, were I to be running Calgary no way do I part with him. But my post was from a Winnipeg perspective; i'd at least make the call, offering Edwards and someone else (no draft picks) as an opening offer. If Hufnagel says no way am I trading Mitchell, then fine, that's to be expected. But you never know, he may bite. Can't hurt to ask. . .

....I'd like to think that Huffer just fell off the turnip truck MJ but I wouldn't waste my time...He's as crafty as Buono and you'd need to sell the farm to pry Bo Levi out of cowtown...I don't see any western team who is in the hunt giving up any backup worth a salt....Tate could 'possibly' be had but who wants another Pierce....The argos have a couple of qbs.... That could be an option and seeing as we're pretty much out of the running in the east, they might look at it....Collaros or Harris have shown a bit of potential but not enough for us to swing a deal that they would like...We're in a tough situation and the inaction of the offseason is coming home to roost....Unless Boltus turns out to be the second coming of Kenny Ploen, we'll be in this situation for the duration of 2013...Hard to watch this storied franchise twist in the wind... :frowning:

I just like Simpson's attitude and energy. He's one of a few winners on a losing team.

RBs are a dime a dozen, true, but Simpson is one of the few guys that is pissed at losing and working his butt off. How many other guys on the team would you say are like that right now? Letting a guy like simpson go would just send the wrong message to the rest of the guys on vacation on this team. He just needs to not get into another physical altercation with a coach.

...Just announced....Boltus is on his way to the Peg along with two receivers.... :roll:

All but the very best imports can be easily replaced, it's only the Canadians that should be deemed "untouchable". However, given the poor quality of Canadian talent on this team, not many should be considered as such. Even Watson can't stay healthy long enough to help the receiving corps and he's the only quality non-import starter they have at the moment. Muamba and Etienne look to have bright futures along with a few o and d linemen and that's about it; very sad state of affairs.

Get back to drafting NI’s for the lines and special teams, that’s were they belong and we can get this thing turned around in about 3 years…

Seriously though, free agents and trades are the way to go in the off season, I’d gladly offer Watson or H Muamba for some O & D line help without question.