Boltus or the ghost of Timm Rosenbach?

The greatest quarterback in Ticat Nation is ALWAYS the third string guy once people can pronounce the guy's name after the tenth beer. :wink:

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


Tom Shulman and Dave Mauler.


Isn't the name spelled Marler?

How about Todd Dillon, Lee Saltz, Don McPherson....Isn't Wikiopedia a wonderful thing!!!

I'm not on my 10th beer yet. I'll get it right then. :wink:

OK...I'll keep scouring the internet and you finish your beer. By that point I think your vision will become so blurry that any name I put up will look right to you....

You got it Old Stan!

Oh this is gonna be easy!!!

Chuck Ealey
Wally Gabler

Keep drinking...

Damon Allen
Joe Zuger
Matt Dunigan
Anthony Calv....darned... can't remember the rest of his name

Don't forget Jamie Boone. He sued the Tiger-Cats or something like that and got paid $10,000 in 1979 because he didn't think he was that bad at football or something to that degree or something else like that and they had to pay him and give him a tryout I heard somewhere. Apparently, it's a true story or something like that from what I've heard.

[url=] ... ats_season[/url]

I think he's a coach at Western University in London now.

Maybe the third stringer is the best because he seldom coughs up the ball or throws interceptions. I think all of Porter's reps in practice are for 3 and short. He doesn't seem adept at reading defenses, or throwing the ball with any authority.

Timmy Chang? Adam Tafralis? :wink:

What, we're rhyming off 3rd string QB names now?

Like Terry Andrysiak? Eros Sanchez? Pete Gonzalez?
Montressa Kirby? T.J. Rubley? (yes, he was here for a few weeks)
And the most delicious of 3rd string QBs... Ron Veal!

Chris Leak was here long enough for a cup of Tim's then left for Montreal

Remember Veal vs. Ham?

I say give Boltus a shot a 2nd string!!!!!! :thup:

Tom Shuman?

Yes I know it's Shuman and Marler. My misplellings were in response to the initial thread post from oski-oui-oui after the loss to the Als...."The greatest quarterback in Ticat Nation is ALWAYS the third string guy once people can pronounce the guy's name after the tenth beer."

I wasn't on my 10th beer yet.

I was just a kid at the time, but I never understood why Shuman (1976-78) wasn't given his chance. Jimmy Jones lead us to the unpromised land for several years in a row game after game during that time. Drove me nuts. Bob Shaw/John Payne I believe were the coaches during that time.

Wow.... I don't even remember Shuman. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I got married in the summer of '76 and my mind was on other things.

Billy Dicken...

Bob Torrence...

Since you missed the Tom Shuman years during that marriage thing and all....I think this is long over due. lol
BTW, up your nose with a rubber hose.