IT'S TIME FOR A BIG CHANGE!.....In QB's and RB's....Next game put in Porter (RB) and Boltus at QB. Porter has shown
he can do the job in edmonton, and Avon has not got break away speed.

Boltus has shown that he has a strong arm.Even NFL team agents admit Boltus has an NFL arm but has trouble reading
defences. Boltus has the credenials- 134 td's in 4 years college. Named Divisions all-time leader in total offence in 2007.
Won the 2007 Melberger award as the top player in NCAA Division. ECAC Division player of the year in 2008.Named Empire 8
Offensive player of the year in 2007 and 2008. Rookie of the year in 2006.

What can you lose by giving him a shot against the Argos. If he plays well , that gives us an alternative.

Me and Oknight think the same on this issue .

wholly agreed with you GOTC.
Always thought Boltus had raw talent.

And Boltus was the best QB in preseason play, yet has been dismissed by the staff to this point.

Give the kid some snaps next game with a predesigned playbook and see how he does.
He may be the future of this team, but won’t develop handing out towels.

I love to see it but it won't happen

Cool story brah!
Porter over Colbourn FTW!

It seems like this phrase pops up every week on this forum. GOTC, I assume it's you that keeps posting it, but I don't feel like going back to check.

Perhaps you can tell us what you mean by this? (i.e. presumably other CFL QBs do not have an "NFL arm"??)

What is most important for the team is to know if they want to go forward next season with Porter and or Glenn. I think that's what they are trying to find out with what is left of this season.

Maybe thats where they have to go because 17 interceptions is totally unaceptable.An established ground game with all the proper planning would be acceptable because the status qou is garbage.

I didn't say that. I said that Boltus was mentioned by NFL agents as having a NFL arm,look it up!,refering to his arm as
being strong enough to play in the NFL.
I think his arm strenght is better than GLENN's or Porter's, I would say along the line of McManus's.


or neither.

I'm not so certain that either QB is the answer, whether this season or next.
Both had been previously designated as TiCat starters, and yet both fumbled the opportunity.

We need a youthful Tate, Lulay, McPherson type QB for our present/future, and yet for years now continue to use a revolving QB door.
Perhaps Boltus is that guy...perhaps not..who knows..

Either way, successful teams are built around a perennial star pivot and the majority of Grey Cup champions possess this tangible.

Tate was five years in the making. Calvillo was five years in the making, Burris, Lulay was four years.

yes, as a rule of thumb, it takes time and patience to groom a star pivot.

Very few Doug Fluties are available to step in immediately and compete at the highest level.

Having said that, a young player should reveal at least some potential during the tutelage years.

Give Boltus the start, Maybe he can be our man Tate.

I would like to see Boltus get some action, but it is unlikely since there is only one day of preparation for Thursday's game.




Boltus is playing? Did MB state this?

I found the article/link:

The 25-year-old Boltus has been with the team for three seasons but has seen limited action while sitting behind Glenn, Porter and the departed Adam Tafralis on the depth chart.

“This is the opportunity to get (Boltus) some playing time for his development,? Bellefeuille said. “We feel like he’s a good, young prospect.?

Boltus will be one of several backups who will play a more prominent role against Toronto with an eye to both next season and the playoffs.

[url=] ... inst-argos[/url]

let's hope Marcel gives Boltus more than 5 minutes of action :thup:

Since the Argo game is essentially meaningless, Marcel is treating it like a pre-season game where they can evaluate future contenders (or possibly pretenders) to the throne. I hope Boltus has a fantastic game. That will really confuse Marcel. We can have a 3 QB dilemma.

Bellefeuille is looking to evaluate talent, but decisions like these are being made to make it less likely that players we'll be relying on after the next game will be injured. Cobourne, J. Johnson, and R. Williams are sitting this one out.

Here is a quote from Marcel:

“Avon wants to play but I think it would be prudent to make sure he's healthy,? Bellefeuille said. “You'd hate to lose Rey playing in a game like this and to not have him or Jamall, that would really put us at a deficiency going into the playoffs.?
[url=] ... s-cfl.html[/url]

It says in that article that Denson is taking the place of Williams. I like what I have seen from Denson, and I look forward to seeing what he can do in his first CFL start at MLB.

Thigpen is also going to sit this one out.

As it looks like to at least some extent we'll be relying on those two guys named Porter, I hope to see both of them do well on Thursday.

BYF, Is Glenn sitting out this game entirely in favor of Porter and Boltus?

I hope Boltus puts on a lights out performance.

I think this guy truly has the ability to be the quarterback for this team.

I have been a Glenn supporter for the time that he's been here, because I think he gives us the best shot to win (between him and Porter).

But anytime I have seen Boltus in practice, training camp, or pre-season games, he seems to look like he can read coverages,has a strong arm, and fairly mobile.

I am excited to see him get some action, and good luck to you!