Bolding Text in Posts

Bolded text (like the word "bolded" to start the sentence) is not teribbly distinct from regular text ... and being able to also underline would be nice.

Testing how to highlight text.


If this works, hit the reply button and you'll see how I did it.

OK, that's not what I typed. It seems that Discourse converts the "[ ]" into to what it uses. Weird.

Anyway, I just used the square brackets with b for bold, u for underscore, and i for italics in front of the text to be highlighted, followed by the corresponding end tag. For example,
[ b ] bold [ /b ]
without the spaces will bold the text between the two tags.

Hope that's clear. Hard to describe when I can't actually type it without it being interpreted by the software.

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Here are some cool tricks.

When you type --- in the line right below, it emboldens the text above it yet does not show the ---.

Here is an example.

When you do the same but skip a line, a faint divider line is drawn.

Here is another example.

Neat ... but what if you only want to boldly bold just certain words in a sentence?

I don't know exactly, but the answer for now is Star Trek.

Buena suerte hombre.

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