Bold Predictions?

Just for fun...I'll start...

Kito Poblah will unseat Doug Brown as the Bomber nominee for Outstanding Canadian

Wow, Kubie. . . bold isn't the word for it.

Hopeful that Poblah has a good CFL career. . . but Doug Brown is one of my alltime CFL favourites.

Yeah...mine too...but it is his last season, and this is just for fun... :wink:

May not be that far of a reach either...who else on the team might do it?

Okay gotcha.

Then, for my bold prediction. . . within the next three years, Joey Elliot will be a starter and a star in the CFL.

Good one...he looks the part, btw. I do like what I've seen from him this year...

So far some good predictions.

Within 3 years, Jade Etienne will show he was worthy of being drafted #4.

i'll say this.Ian Logan is still my favorite Bomber :smiley: I know, it's not a prediction.Ok here goes.Terrence Edwards narrowly loses out on the receiving title to Bruce.Bruce accumulates 1,447 yards whilst Edwards boasts 1,425.Not bad for bold huh :lol:

Edwards graciously concedes the receiving title to bruce, uses it as personal motivation in the playoffs and makes a highlight reel catch for the game winning TD in the 2011 Grey Cup! (bold enough 4 ya?)

....I predict that Tim Brown will un-retire after his injury heals :roll: .....AND that Doug Brown has one helluva year and decides to give it one more shot in the new digs :wink:

I like both of those very much!

Very :lol:
Bruce has lost out on the last 2 receiving titles due to missing games, this year it's his as is the grey cup :cowboy:

For the first time we have three receivers in the top Five with a combined total of 4,000 yards.


Great prediction!

.....with what i've been hearing from tc it sounds like we're going to have to cut a very good receiver.... :frowning: I hope we can hide someone on the ir or maybe one of them woudn't mind a pr spot :roll:

Kubie's Bold Prediction #2....

Fred Reid, although healthy, will not be the Bomber's starting running back by week 6.

Lebird’s #2

Fred Reid will have a great year and rush for 15… What’s this? Ahh! forget it.

LOL...!!! :lol:

....Yes, but Fred will have to take a back seat to Corey Boyd in the rushing derby...just ask Boyd.....When asked about Boyds' latest ramblings...Fred said he'll just go out and get wins for the team and actions speak louder than words...Right on Freddie.... :wink:

....You kind of left us out on a limb Kubie....IF Fred ain;t the man who is going to be the feature back :roll: :?

Great response by Reid. :thup:

We'll see if Boyd gets off to the same start he did last year when teams weren't quite ready for him.

Mr. Garrett :thup: