Bold predictions for the EDSF

Here's some things that could happen on Sunday:

  1. Reinebold has one more special teams trick play up his sleeve, and it works

  2. Masoli completes more 20+ yard passes than Ray

  3. Chad Owens fumbles, and drops an important pass

  4. Argos lose their cool, draw penalties totalling 30 yards on a single play

  5. Emanuel Davis scores another TD after a spectacular interception

  6. Sinkfield proves that his 4.19 score in the 40 was no fluke, with a 50+ yard play

  7. CJ Gable rediscovers his 2013 "human highlight reel" form with an open field hurdle or other evasive maneuver

8] Argos secondary collapses with one broken coverage play of mythic proportions that allows us an easy TD

  1. Crowd noise forces Toronto to take a time out when they didn't want to

  2. Swayze "Dirty Dancing" Waters muffs at least one punt and one kick, as visions of his nemesis Speedy B distract him from the task at hand

(A guy can dream, right?)

10 out of 10 !!!!

Excellent post!!!

I think we'll need about 60% of ExPat's dreams to come true for a decent chance at getting back to Ottawa.

Argos 30 Cats 10

as Much I Love to a ticat Win the Offence is not there .


No O-line = very Little Chance to win .

Love Our Special Teams & Defence

But Both These units can’t be on Field all day

and that my Biggest Fear this weekend.

Life of the party as always, Robofan.

The sports writers are picking the Arblows… I would like the Cats to prove them wrong, however my gut says we get smoked just like last week vs Ottawa.

Well, then the team should just throw in the towel and forfeit the game! Would THAT finally make you happy? Your constant negative comments make me sick!

Of Course Not I like them to Win
But Zack was our Lynch Pin and he is gone
The 0-line is held together with Red Green Number 1 tool duct tape

I feel Where better on Defence and Special Teams

But Offence get you to a grey cup as much as They other two .
Since Zack Left Our Offence has been awful …

With Zack Back there we win
Have no Faith in a Backup o-line and 4th String QB’s to win us a Grey cup .

I pray I am Wrong

It's the Playoffs, It's one Game all on the line and anything can happen, any team can win!!



Our Steeltown loud and proud fans (the 13th Man) rides Ray and ups our Defence and we kick Argo A$$ :twisted: :rockin:

We were underdogs vs the Argos in the two game total point Division final in 1986, and lost the first game by 14 points. We won game two going away.

We were huge underdogs in the Grey Cup game that year too. We beat the Eskimos like nothing they'd ever seen.

Let's do the same starting tomorrow.

I'm not sure who will win, the Tiger Cats are obviously the better team, but a lot of their pieces are hurt and missing, the remaining players are still better, penalties will be the difference, if the players and officials behave themselves, the ticats will probably win, if not they'll lose.

Well that not in our Favour as well The Referee- is ANDRE PROULX
Who Crew screwed us 2 Weeks ago Remember …


The Ticats have a veteran O-Line starting. That shouldn’t be discounted. In the playoffs, teams use different packages that teams haven’t prepared for. This O-Line has the experience to adapt. They will show composure. When you are over 300 lbs, stepping in the right direction is sometimes good enough, and I am confident this group will do that more times than not.
I like the intensity Masoli showed last week. Many here doubt his ability to lead us to a win, but I don’t think he shares that doubt. He looks confident and he knows this is maybe his last shot.
Look at some of the games earlier in the year – Winnipeg twice, BC, Edmonton…those games were not won by Collaros, they were won by speciality teams and defense absolutely overwhelming the opposition.

That will happen again.

Ticats by 14.

Correction Robo - Proulx did NOT toss the flag on either of the blown calls - it was two of the other officials, one being the field judge and I suspect the other, given the placement of the penalty, might have been the side judge. He also did not toss a flag on the SImoni hit on Hank (right call). Proulx himself is generally pretty fair and should not be held responsible for flags tossed by the other officials. Austin is actually pleased that Proulx is the official. Saw that on a tweet I think from Drew but can't seem to locate it again just now for the exact wording.

Unfortunately for the Calgary/BC game, the field judge who WAS responsible for one of the blown calls is actually working that game. so much for being down graded - or are the others really that bad?? :roll: Hopefully he will not again "assume" anything based on a partially seen play and keep his flag in his pocket!

Ticats as a team have two years of playoff experience together - at least most of them are entering their third year of play off action. Toronto has Ray, Owens, part of their OL and a few D players and they didn't make the playoffs last season for some strange reason! :smiley: Many of their guys are first year and given the amount of scrapping we've seen on the sidelines at times and the number of penalties they have taken at times too when the pressure is on, their lack of play off experience could be a factor that is NOT in their favour.

Would love to see them win by 14 but I'll be happy if they win by 4 - as long as they win!

Stay off the forum if other people’s contrary viewpoints actually make you sick.

16-13 cats