bold, non-bonehead predictions for tonight's game

-Maas will pass for at least two touchdowns

-Flick will have his first breakout game in 2006

-Quinnie will return at least one punt for huge yards

-we will register at least three sacks against Calvillo

-Bradley will get an interception

-we will hold Montreal to under 20 points

-we will win a squeaker that will only be a squeaker because Boreham will miss at least two field goal attempts, prompting his demotion to the practice squad

-Maas will pass for at least two touchdowns
for what team

Good one swordfish, very good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dad said if you can't say anything good don't say anything at all.
[ so bye ,have a nice day.]

I thought it said non-boneheaded. Seriously, you think the Ti-Cats can be us at home? You say 3 sacks, and yet we have one of the best O-lines in the league...

We can beat you EastSide, honestly we can, but then I'm talking about our dreams really, reality is a whole different story.

Your O-line gave up two sacks and a forced fumble the last game we played you, so 3 sacks doesn't sound like much of a stretch....

Here's my predictions for tonight...

  • Flick and Peterson will continue to be ignored.

  • Ranek will struggle on the ground

  • Many 2nd and longs costing Maas some INTs and bad passes.

Cats lose by a bunch.

I hope im wrong on all fronts.

If Ranek can play like last years and Vaughn connect with Maas, You have a chance to beat Montreal.

you'll see the hitch pass more than 10 times.

41-17 Montreal as Corey is not playing. We will pay more on the defensive side of the ball, IMHO. I really hope we are both wrong. This team has too much talent to continue this slide.

Oski Wee Wee,

Without a prize involved I hope I'm wrong

Cats lose by 30 at least.

whositwhatnow wrote:

you'll see the hitch pass more than 10 times
Do ya think? But no team has as many variations of the hitch pass I bet as we do. :lol:

-maas with throw at least 3 INT
-mass will over throw recievers andin the endzone and fail on every redzone attempt
-Flick will be mediocre at best, story of his career
-kamau incompleterson will live up to his name
-ticats get 2 sacks, cheap als o-line chopblocks them everyplay
-defense shows why they're the worst in the CFL 2 years running


Yeah the upside is that you will get 2 sacks lol! Enjoy your night!

Thank you!! I will

Makes me wonder what bonehead predictions look like.

I predict that if the TiCats win posters will be critical of the play calling and suggest they could have beaten the Al's by a bigger margin.

I also predict that if the TiCats lose the following topics will appear over the next forty eight hours:

  • Bob's out to get us
  • Bob doesn't care as long as IVS is full
  • "Real"TiCat fans versus "fair weather" attacks
  • We deserve a refund on seasons tickets
  • Not renewing seasons tickets
  • Katz/Lancaster/McCarthy don't know what they're doing
  • Fire: (insert usual suspects here)
  • Trade: (insert usual suspects here)
  • It's all Boreham's fault

If we are ahead by 24 points at the half we should go on to win the game by 2.
That would be 30-28.