Boivin/Jones Press Conference Moved to Friday


One has to assume they plan to announce Jones’ new contract … otherwise why include him … whatever else is said, all the press will report is what is said about the contract …

Unless Ambrosie is there I don’t think we can even hope for an ownership announcement, although they better have a very good response scripted about it …

I foresee a small chance that it includes announcing a new GM.

As Joey Alfieri said on TSN 690 this morning, the Impact deliberately announced the Thierry Henry signing this morning to upstage the Als scheduled press conference.

The Als Cinderella season has put them in the sports media spotlight, while the Impact`s firing of yet another coach has had the media practically calling them dysfunctional.

I guess all is fair in love and war and getting the Montreal sports media attention.

If this is true then it show the Impact are really fragile right now. If they feel threatened by the Als first winning season in7 years and first playoff appearance in 5, still without an owner. Seems petty to me.

Did Als every try this when the Impact were an EC finalist or during their CONCANAF champion league runs. Imagine what will happen once new ownership is in place and the Als have sustained on field success again…


One of the RDS channels is covering it (RDSInfo?).

Just tuned in to 690 and did I hear correct that Jones has signed on?

Edit : He has not signed on.

Two biggest points for me

  • They are working under the assumption Khari will be back and working out final details … Khari had a big smile and said he is “excited”.
  • Wally Buono has been on board for a few weeks to help search for new GM … no interviews yet … should be resolved by next month


  • Boivin confirmed he can offer KJ a long-term deal … Khari seemed convinced he would be extended before the end of his contract on December 31st

  • Seems like a GM will have to be onboard with Jones as coach

  • KJ more concerned with being able to work with GM than any sort of final say on players … KJ said he is willing to be involved in GM search if asked

  • No budget issues in KJ’s contract, even without owners, just a matter of finalizing details

  • Boivin wouldn’t say if year would be a profit or loss but said it would be better than last season and that there is a momentum in ticket sales

  • KJ’s one word description of his season … fulfilling

  • Owners to be not involved in the KJ contract … wouldn’t be responsible … some info shared but sounds like it is a open-way street

  • KJ had nothing to say about coaching staff when asked about Slowik and Dunn

  • No surprise, no specifics from KJ about roster needs/changes

  • Timeframe for KJ contract … very soon (days) … should be month’s end

  • Asked why he would re-up with two other jobs already open, KJ said he loves the city and the team … not interested in looking elsewhere

  • KJ message to fans … wait & see … going to be an exciting team

  • KJ appreciates the relationship with the players … great season together

  • Whether seats remain “tented” will depend on ticket sales … objective is to open the whole stadium … the objective was to return atmosphere by “compressing” seating capacity was successful

Great breakdown GH120, thank you.

This is all good news! I really like that they seem to be intent on locking Jones up before the new GM is in place. That’s just common sense in this situation. If a GM candidate has a problem with Jones being extended before the GM is hired, given everything Khari has accomplished (and with Adams in particular), then he’s just disqualified himself from getting the job, and rightly so.

Interesting that Buono is helping with the GM search – very much out of left field, unless there is some connection between Wally and management that I’m not aware of…

Perhaps a recommendation from Ambrosie … no reason for saying that, but like you see no linkage between current Als and Wally … only one that might be that Ian Moffard (President, Alouettes Alumni Association) played with Wally from 1974-79 … maybe they are good friends … Wally might even have reached out given he has roots in Montreal (parents moved from Italy to Monrteeal when Wally was 3) and he played with the Als … doubt he has liked what he has seen the last few years

Yep, I did remember that Wally played for the Als, but that was a long time ago, and he’s been associated with other CFL teams (Calgary, then BC) for much longer. But yeah, your explanation seems plausible. Anyhow, I’m happy he’s involved in the search. It’s critical to get this hire right.

David Braley buying the team ?? (just kidding ;))

;D ;D

I just hope the ownership issue is settled soon. We’ve been waiting the whole season for some clarity. Various media outlets keep saying a deal is “close.” Yet here we are, still owned by the league.

Agreed on this front many times over.

Though new owners were not going to announced today, wording in John Lu’s tweet

For those who saw/listened (I didn’t get a chance yet), was ‘owners-in-waiting’ Boivin’s words? Or Lu’s interpretation…

Alouettes expect to bring back Jones as head coach

So GM may be someone with ties to KJ?
In any case this is good news regarding Khari.

Any word on some of the assistants ( Gordon, McDaniel). Will they be back?

Le prix à payer pour garder Jones est que nous brisons la chaîne de commandement. C’est le directeur général qui devra s’acclimater de l’entraîneur-chef et non l’inverse. Nous avons eu une situation similaire en 2016 où le DG a été choisi après l’entraîneur-chef Chapdelaine. Je crois tout de même que garder Jones est nécessaire et je serais heureux qu’il soit de retour, mais il y a des risques à ne pas suivre l’ordre propriétaire-»président-»directeur général-»entraîneur-chef. Il faut en être conscient.

En temps normal, c’est ce qu’on chercherait à avoir. Mais dans le contexte où l’équipe est à vendre, conserver l’entraîneur-chef qui a fait renverser la vapeur pour l’équipe est un bon argument de vente. Boivin a embauché Wally pour l’aider dans sa quête du prochain DG. Ça en dit long sur les capacités de Boivin à ce chapitre. Mais bon, vaut mieux quelqu’un qui est conscient de ses lacunes que quelqu’un qui ne veut pas les admettre.

Exactly. These aren’t normal times. All other things being equal we’d respect the chain of command, but things are not equal. We’re not trying to re-up a mediocrity just to have someone under contract. Apart from Vernon Adams, Jones has been the single biggest reason for our turnaround. The players believe in him. He runs the offense besides acting as head coach. It’s imperative to get Khari squared away to a new contract. The new GM would have to be insane to be displeased with the decision.

No word … he was asked specifically about Dunn and Slowik … KJ said nothing yet decided … basically seemed to me like “I can’t really consider anything until I actually sign my contract”.