Boivin and the Wetenhall's go Full Gliebertarded.

The Als are looking for fans to hook up when they host the B.C. Lions next week at Percival Molson Stadium. Guests can wear different coloured bracelets to demonstrate their availability to the opposite sex.Some critics have suggested that this marketing ploy is worthy of the infamous (and not always politically correct) Lonie Glieberman.

Glieberman planned a Mardi Gras promotion back in 2004 while serving as the president of the Ottawa Renegades.
Though the promotion was eventually cancelled, the plan was to have women in attendance lift their tops in exchange for beads. Glieberman has defended the promotion as recently as 2014 when he told the Ottawa Sunthat, “Mardi Gras was a good decision … It was a fun promotion.?
Encouraging heterosexual fans to wear bracelets indicating their relationship status would seem to open up all kinds of possibilities for boorish behaviour and harassment – not to mention the fact there’s a whole other set of less innocuous interpretations. At the very least, it’s a little creepy and kinda gross.
Given that the league has been lauded for its progressive approach to diversity and trumpeted its violence against women policy while suspending players, it will be interesting to see if this promotion draws the interest of CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie. And not because he wants a bracelet.

I was at that game in Ottawa, wasn’t pretty. Poor mother sitting next to us with her sons was white as a ghost.

Oh FFS! This is an absolutely horrible idea! This organisation is the laughing stock of the CFL.

They can’t go any lower than this. Or, can they…

One thing is hardly like the other

Is this kind of “promotion” necessary? Is it now an “availability” event rather than a “sporting” event?

Its a social event

I don’t see what the big deal is

Within ten years, the keys to this franchise will be with the league.

In this day and age this is a terrible idea. All it takes is for ONE person (likely a woman) to be put in a bad situation and this thing will blow up in the team and the league's face. I'm pretty sure Lonnie didn't think women would let their tits out and start grinding guys in the stands...

Plus it is discriminatory, there are no purple bracelets for the LGBTYXZQ.

Wasn’t it the point for them to take their tits out?

So its a crazy idea here…but singles night in a bar is OK? All it takes if for one person{likely a woman………

You wont be forced to wear a bracelet.If someone does not want to wear one they wont…and it can beargued thatif someone wears one saying they aretaken…It could protect them from unwanted advances.

The bracelet is to identify if you are looking or not looking…not to identify straight or gay

With that said…I would not put on this promotion…but I don’t see anything wrong with it

The potential disaster outweighs the minimal gains this promotion could yield. Terrible business decision.

Maybe you are right…I remember what a disaster it was when people wore or didn’t wear wedding rings :wink:

First I thought it was just to get single ticket holders together as in single being no one sitting with them to gather together .

Which is a cool idea to make a social group within the stadium .

Not too sure about a dating site though it might have been just better if they just had a mixer for Alouettes Fans who are single before each game .

Mixers can be a good way to meet people with similar interests .

Then you take away the bracelet thingy and all the connotations involved with it .

It becomes just a gathering place for single fans without the stigma.

Plus with the limited time outside the stadium before the game it keeps things a little better controlled .

whats a wedding ring??

3 ans…

So…how did the promotion go?..

Lowest attendance of the season at 15 346. Boivin can go back to the drawing board... ::slight_smile:

Hey I brought my grilfriend and went to the budwiser stand to get a bracellet.Red for taken Grenn for available or yellow for complicated.

I got a complicated one and my girlfriend got 2 of them…

When we got into the stands we made a Young Als fan happy by giving them to him,they were the one’s you puit in the freezer and the glow.

So what happened to the pandemonium that was predicted?

Well there was a halftime mariage proposal on the filed…and she said YES!!! So I guess the Promo was a success.

That's funny!