Boise State vs Oklahoma

For those that missed this great, great game with amazingly bold play-calling by Boise State here is the ending to it.

That was impressive. Really impressive.

Last year after the BCS championship game I thought Vince Young’s performance was perhaps the greatest individual achievement I had ever seen.
But this Boise State game! I can’t think of a more exciting, unbelievable finish ever. In any sport. I still can’t believe I saw that.

That qb for Boise looks perfect for the CFL but he may be NFL material, I don't know.

That, my friends, was possibly the best football game I have ever witnessed. It kept me glued to the TV from start to finish and has made all other games irrelevent.

OH YEAH!!! Who's your Mamma! I am sooo glad that TV sucked badly that night and kept me watching a classic. Won't forget that little contest very soon!

Thanks billy for rubbing it in, I went to bed at half-time. :x

Hmmm, and I was just thinking you weren't such a bad character afterall. I'll have to go back to the drawing board and do some recalculations on you. :?

That game was a nice ending to the day of my Birthday tradition of College Football Overload! :thup: