Boise State QB Jared Zabransky on Esks neg. list

A look at some of the quarterbacks currently on CFL neg lists who will be featured during the U.S. college bowl season:
-Drew Tate, Iowa Hawkeyes (6-6, not ranked) - Alamo Bowl; San Antonio, TX., Dec. 30th (3:30 p.m., The Score/ESPN) vs. Texas Longhorns (9-3, ranked #18.
-Jared Zabransky, Boise State Broncos (12-0, ranked #9) - Tostitos Fiesta Bowl; Glendale, AZ., Jan. 1st, 2007 (7 p.m., FOX) vs. Oklahoma Sooners (11-2, ranked #7)." [url=] ... sc&start=0[/url]

"12/07/06 - PRO PROSPECTS: QB Jared Zabransky - Likely a free agent signing, possibly destined to end up in the Canadian Football League, Zabransky is just 6-2 and 203 pounds but is a deft scrambler with pro arm strength."

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....interesting, but why not mention the bigger names too, like Montreal securing neg rights to Heisman winner Tony Smith or Hamilton securing rights to BSC MVP Chris Leak?....Zabransky is a good signing though, wish I could say the same about some of the QBs my club has secured, Barker's acquisitions look pale in comparison....

Ohio's QB is Troy Smith.

does not matter who the esks draft as machoka will ultimately ruin the players they bring him. thanks for promoting him as the esks will suck a few more years!!

I dislike Maciocca as well, but how does having him as a coach "ruin" the players the Esks bring in? The Esks brought in Braidwood, Larose, Alston, Roundtree, etc. last season and they didn't get "ruined". Chapdelaine will be running the Esks offence next season completely under his own control, so I doubt the Esks will see more of the "take what the defence gives you" that Maciocca believed in.

god i hope ur right,i cant handle as a season ticket holder to a minnesota wild offence