Bogus SMS

It's always struck me that the CFL SMS or salary cap is very misleading.

we look at the number of 4.4 M as a cap, what teams can spend.

However this number is far from what teams are actually spending on players.

9 game injury list players are still paid but do not count against the cap. Same goes to some PR spots.

last year I bet Montreal spent up to 1.5 million on exemptions, as did hamilton and sask.

I suspect some teams are really spending 5.5-6 M in actual dollars.

All salaries to players on practice rosters are part of approved cap; only the salaries of players on 9 game injured list don't count against the cap.


Well the first part as Richard pointed out is an incorrect statement.

The second part is correct and is a pimple that was added at the request of the teams because the SMS was unworkable. So the end result is that some guys hidden on the injured list or practice roster (no max salary) make more then some of the players dressing. All for the purpose of the owners being able to hide the facts.

Now the players are complicity in their own demise because this would all go away if they made their salary public. They have so much to gain from releasing salaries. I can't for the life of me understand why they don't.

Is there not a SMS waiver for rookie Canadian players added to PR after a certain date?

There are loopholes in every salary cap or SMS system or whatever you want to call it. Teams who have or are willing to spend more money can hide guys, in the case of the CFL it is on the 9 game IR.
The Riders had almost a whole other team on the 9 game IR with staters clibre players sitting there for the first half, second half or the whole season.
as for the 46 that dress each week that slary total has to come withing the SMS agreement as well as the 1 game IR guys.
Teams with good young overload of Canadian Talent don't let them get away they put them on the 9 game IR.
Hamilton had 4 other QBs with a good upside Brohm drew the 9 game IR payment plan and now is on a nice track in Winnipeg to be a QB in the CFL after a year of getting paid to practice

There is no SMS waiver for canadian rookies. All players salaries are part of the SMS,except salaries to players on 9 games injured list. If a player comes off the 9 game injured list,before the end of his 9 games, his salary will go against the SMS for all games missed.


I believe there is an exemption for one player to come off the 9 game in each half of the season without their full salary counting against the cap.

There is no such exemption regarding salaries. The exemption is that only 1 player may come off the 9 game injured list per 9 games. Maximum of 2,during a season.


Do you make this stuff up as you go :roll:

It was reported over the past few years that PR salaries were exempt from the Cap when the roster was expanded late each season (for both Canadians and imports). Not sure if that's been changed, in another thread Richard V. has said there is no PR exemption. So I'll take his word for it.

Richard...can you read this clause? I read it meaning expanded PR spots beyond 7 are excluded in the SMS. How do you interpret this?

In the event that the C.F.L. and the Member Clubs implement a salary expenditure
cap for Player compensation, it shall not include
compensation paid to Players and compensation
paid for player benefits with respect to pre-season compensation, Pension
Plan, travel allowance,play-off compensation, Grey Cup compensation, compensation paid to Players named to the
Nine Game Injury List, other than players duly removed from the nine game injury list in
accordance with Section 14.02 of this Article, compensation paid to Players for the reasonable
fair market value of services other than practicing and playing professional football; and,
compensation paid to Players on the Practice Rosterin excess of 7 Players per Member Club

It is meaningless. The Practice roster is set at four players and the union refused to expand it without an increase in the cap.Your using a negotiation draft that pre dates the SMS :roll:

Your wrong for a third time in the same tread. Got to be a record :rockin:

hahaha...well I'm trying. Go easy fella.

I'm asking questions not stating facts.

well, the PR is no different from team to team, that is a mute point, but there is obvious abuse of the IR, and I have said before that I felt anyone going on the 9 game should require a medical by a league appointed Dr.

That said, it doesn't really hide players, just makes the available if required. You still need to pay someone, who is likely making more, to be in that spot.

Still agree, something needs to be done.

For most of last season Hamilton had 12 to 16 guys on the 9 game injured list. And that's one of the teams crying poor !
In what other league does the two teams with the most "injured" players make it to the championship game :cowboy:

Unless the injuries were bogus, they had no choice but to carry them on the 9-Gm IR. We all know that teams sometimes hide players early in the season for late season/playoff depth purposes, but I suspect most of the 9-Gm IR spots are legit injuries.


This is in one day:

HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Delvin BREAUX (DB) Louisiana State HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Emmanuel DAVIS (DB) East Carolina HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Greg ELLINGSON (WR) Florida International HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP CJ GABLE (RB) USC HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Bakari GRANT (WR) California Davis HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Brandon ISAAC (LB) South Carolina HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Jamall JOHNSON (LB) Northwestern State HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Simoni LAWRENCE (LB) Minnesota HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Evan MCCOLLOUGH (DB) James Madison HAM ADD FROM INJURED IMP Derico MURRAY (DB) Kent State HAM ADD FROM INJURED NIP Greg WOJT (OL) Central Michigan HAM DEL IMP Ryan LACY (DB) Utah HAM EXT ON INJURED NIP Michael ATKINSON (DT) Boise State - to Saturday , November 16 HAM EXT ON INJURED IMP Marc DILE (OL) South Florida - to Saturday , November 16 HAM EXT ON INJURED IMP Stephen MCGEE (QB) Texas A&M - to Saturday , November 16 HAM EXT ON INJURED NIP Shomari WILLIAMS (LB) Queen's - to Saturday , November 16 HAM TRF TO INJURED IMP Demetrice WEBB (DB) Florida - to Saturday , November 16
Injury lists both one and nine games are abused to no end.

One gamers are against the cap…let teams use em all they want.

9 game IR is a necessity, there just needs to be a process to legitimize it.

I don't agree. Yes the player is paid but his stats get affected. So a kid like Campeau for example who's been riding the pine for a couple years because he's stuck behind other talented players isn't getting playing time, so when his contract is up he ends up paying the price in DOLLARS. If GM's didn't cheat using the injured list, the team would have to play him, trade him or release him. These types of shady moves diminish the quality of players available across the league.

As for the nine game the other issue that is never talked about is all the players who are ready to return after 3,4,5 weeks who get stuck on a fake injury list because a Tillman or a Taman wants to run with a roster of 80 players in a system designed to run with 50. The SMS is flawed. Again their season is affected and when they come to negotiate a new contract all potential teams see is the # of games missed, often unwarranted. comes with lost wages and reputation as brittle or "injury prone"... Bottom line CFL'ers are treated like cattle especially the imports.

I don't think its fair to single out an individual team. They probably all do it. In fact the only player I heard speak about it was Brandon Whitaker of Montreal who publicly say he should not have to go on it last year.