Bogdan Raic

Loaded with Canadian receivers. gonna be tough to crack the line up.

Reminds me of Giguere, all jacked up and wearing #11.

We have to get Bogdan into the game he could be our missing link.

We need the depth if we're gonna start 3 Canadian receivers.
Especially with Fantuz possibly out right now.

So what about Charbonneau-Campeau? he looked pretty impressive last game replacing Fantuz.
So with Stala, Giguere and Charbonneau-Campeau looks like 3 pretty good backup receivers.

Yes, he did. And he may have to start this week. Leaving us with only Darcy Brown, who is a fullback, as backup. Thus Raic.

Agreed. He made 3 pretty good catches requiring adjustment to the ball and good hands, none of which I've seen yet from Giguere.

Giguere, to me, seems like a Brock Ralph, tons of speed to burn, but not a natural receiver, lacking ball sense and confidence to go get it.

But, I'm still cutting him slack as he's only played 6 games as a rookie so far.

Watching that video on Raic shows me that he knows how to get open by separating from the defender. Wonder what his speed is like.

Found some 40 times from Ecamp

4.42 Shamawd Chambers
4.56 Simon Charbonneau-Campeau
4.57 Bogdan Raic
4.67 Jordan Brescacin ( who was just released and is returning to U of Windsor)
4.80 Brad Fochesato (McMaster)

Duane Forde's evaluation

Cream of the Crop: Powerful Shamawd Chambers (Wilfrid Laurier) confirmed his status as the top receiver prospect with a strong, if unspectacular, E-Camp performance. The other elite prospect in this group is tight end Luke Willson (Rice)...but nobody talks about him, as the redshirt junior is expected to explore NFL and/or pro baseball opportunities when he completes his eligibility.

Best of the Rest: Ismael Bamba (Sherbrooke) is a dynamic athlete and [b]Simon Charbonneau-Campeau /b has been the nation's most prolific receiver over the last two years. Both were expected to push Chambers at E-Camp but neither really distinguished himself. In fact, no offensive player boosted his stock more at E-Camp than Bogdan Raic (Ottawa), a big body who runs and catches well.
Forde: “Certainly one guy that stepped up and really helped his stock was Bogdan Raic from the University of Ottawa. You talk about a guy flying under the radar. Coming in he was probably one of those guys that a lot of teams kind of knew about and were intrigued about from being a productive receiver with good size.

“I suspect that he ran better than a lot of people expected him too, and was more impressive in the one-on-ones than people expected him to be.

“Coming in not knowing a ton about him, I think he was a guy who established himself very much as a legitimate prospect. I think Raic is a guy that really helped himself.?

[url=] ... -prospects[/url]

And from what I saw in the film, he doesn't always go down on first contact. Not the fastest guy, but he seemed to be able to use his strength to create separation, with a bit of bump and run.

Playing against CIS defensive backs can make the average look good or great. He's going to have to step up his game (captain obvious) to create separation, or not come down on first contact against CFL/NCAA seasoned or trained LB's & DB's.

Agreed. A lot of players look good in college, even US college, and look pretty ordinary once they get to the pros. In this case, there's probably a reason he's still on the PR and SCC has been dressed for games. But maybe he'll surprise everyone, assuming he gets a chance to hit the field. Odds are he'll be in the 42 as a backup, as we need the NI depth with Fantuz out. (Unless they start both Hinds and Bucknor? Possible, but unlikely.)

Can Bogdan play defense. Can't be any worst than some of those guys on defense.

We need as much depth as we can get because Stalas best days are way behind him. He has looked horrible out there this year so I wouldn't be surprised to see one of these young guys jump him on the depth chart.

I wouldn't say Stala has been horrible. I think he's sill a very good receiver, but yes, his days are numbered. He'll be 33 in October.

When you've got Fantuz and Williams on your team, a Stala is gonna slide down a notch on the totem pole.

Still wanna see him get more passes though. Love the way he plays!

I suspect that with Fantuz and Grant both injured, he might get a few more thrown his way. And with any luck at all, he and Burris will develop a bit of chemistry at practice this week, something that was definitely lacking last week.

And if it's raining, I hope they get the right gloves for the receivers. The ones they were using last week seemed a bit slippery -might have been better to go bare-handed.