BOG meeting today -- Bob Y has two new duties

First off, altho I posted it on site, kudos to BOG and Tom Wright --- who remains as commish --- for accomplishing so much today.

SMS and Instant replay approved.

But Caretaker has two important new titles/duties.

He was named Vice Chairman of BOG --- Gene Dunn of Wpg is new Chairman.

Also, Bob along with Ted Hellard, Howard Sokolowski, Stu Laird of CFLPA and Tom Wright are all part of a search committee to return CFL to Ottawa.

Previously, David Braley and Tom Robinson of Sask were on the original committee before League folded team.

Wright had previously said that they'd begin work on this just after BOG meetings.

I am glad that they, collectively, got all this accomplished. Esp given all the speculation, uncertainty and handwringing over last few days related to Wright's future and impact if he was ousted. Yes, I had my suspicions but I still held out hope that sanity would prevail.

And it did.

Now, let's get the season going! :cowboy: :rockin: :thup:

Wow..THIS IS GOOD NEWS...This bodes very well for the league! :thup: :thup:

Congrats to Bob Young. No doubt he'll do a fine job.

Well, he knows we'll be watching. :cowboy: