Boewrigter trade to Sask

If the Stamps would trade Boerigter to Sask, then Sask could trade him to BC for Jason Clermont. Wally wants Bo.

It's highly unlikely division rivals would "help" one another out that any rate, with the speculation swirling of late, I say screw the trade, and wait and see how free agency plays out in the off season.....

Yeah I agree. We're doind just fine without Clermont right now. I say wait and that way you give up nothing but money for Clermont, instead of players.

Yeah, it would be a long-term bad move to do that, not to mention risky.

We need to get Dominguez locked up before we acquire anymore players. I think Matty D is one of the best in the league, and a quality person and great role model to have in the community to boot.

Yeah i totally agree with that Dust. Matty D is much more important.

And low and behold 20 minutes later we get Holmes lol.

Good call Dust...

I think we need to re-sign Matt D and Hunt before next year.

Couldn't agree more!!! I love those guys. They are not the kind of players you let go to Free Agency. Especially if they're interested in staying with the Riders.

Yeah, they need to retire with the green and white.

I have a bad feeling Reggie is gonna sign in BC..... They The Riders better sign him asap...

I expect Dominguez to re-sign. He was one of the big signings 3 years ago and he re-signed then before going to FA. Hw wants to be here and the future (especially his) looks good for the Riders.

That might happen, good call.

Could, but then Wally's gotta find another Canadian starter somewhere....not to mention the difficulty in absorbing Bo's salary given BC's tight cap room.

Great post!

We'll worry about Clermont when he becomes a FA in the offseason. No point in giving anything up for him now.

Yep, we don't need either.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to have them, but if we don't get Clermont this season, I'm cool with that. I've always secretly hated trades, because you have to give up quality to get quality (Although I must admit, Tillman has pulled some good ones! A QB who got cut for a starting O-Lineman? A back-up O-lineman for our feature back? Jason French for anything!)

Studly why would Calgary trade him to the riders? This is the dumbest post by you yet! If Calgary made a trade why would they not make it directly with Bouno. Unless of course the asking price was high but then if it was high who would come from the riders to Calgary for Boe. Seriously this is a dumb post.

If you think its dumb then don't post.

Actually that was a pretty dumb post just because Calgary would neverdo that lol

Yeah, and who would we give up for Bo any ways? I can't see that happining.