Given that the Stamps really need some help on defense and he will be sitting out for another game, do you think the Als could make a pitch for a possible trade? If so, who could we offer? Any thoughts?

I understand why you would be drawn to this receiver CF. He had a fantastic Grey Cup in our stadium in 2001. He had a productive NFL career for the next 5 years. Especially in his first year in the NFL.He was injured a while back, and KC cut him.

I think the guy is far from his 2001 CFL form, or his 2002 NFL form. He is not the same guy physically as he was a few years ago, and he is 6 years older than the guy we saw in the 2001 Grey Cup.

I beleive we have better receivers on our practice roster... Boerigter is overrated, nowadays.

I don't think he would improve our team.

Another example, a lot of people thougth that the Als should have paid to get Thelwell... A good Canadian receiver. Thelwell has so far dissapointed... The Als have dicovered Danny Desriveaux...

This brings up another question: can Stala come back and make such an impact and make everyone forget Desriveaux?

Curious to see what Stala might do. I'd love to see him return to his form of a few seasons back. Desriveaux hasn't been outstanding, don't really see him as an upgrade over Stala or even O'Neil Wilson.....but then we hardly ever throw to him anyway, what's he see, maybe one or two balls each game?