Boerigter Unhappy in Calgary!!??

So comments from the crew if the Cats were able to make a trade for him. This guy has deep threat written all over him.

  • paul

He's been less than stellar since his return from the NFL. Calgary has a talented receiving corps who obviously aren't getting the job done or they wouldn't be rotating them in to see who a best fit is. Calgary would probably be asking for more than we could offer right now.

Paully - good link to your previous post. As you know I'm a big Boerigter fan and would take him in a heartbeat! He can play both WR and SB and with him and Ralph at SB we have big targets. Love to see Big Bo in Black and Yellow.

From an outsider's point of view, I don't see any dire need for Hamilton to be shopping for receivers. Like the entire team, the corps is beginning to gel.
While they have every right to be frustrated, TiCat fans are showing they are the class of the league with their patience and loyalty. Payback is coming. If not this season, next year for sure.
They have good coaching and a talented nucleus of young players. And Lumsden...WOW!
As an Als fan, I fear the upcoming Hamilton game more than I do B.C.

Yeah, good call. I never thought of it that way. I guess it is really helpful to have the point of view of another teams fan.

And yeah, am I the only one not really sold on B.C.? Sure they are the defending Grey Cup champs, but I am surprised that there isn't more press on their struggling offense. Even with Dickenson (who may never play again) the offense still hasn't played well at all. If they ever kick it in gear watch out, but its already been 7 games for a team that had only a few minor changes in the off-season to their personnel. Oh well ... I can't have sympathy for them!

  • paul

BC's biggest problem is injuries to their QBs. If they stay healthy, they are the scariest team in the league.

"Stampeders wide receiver Marc Boerigter, who was a healthy scratch Friday against the Lions disputes the notion that he had demanded a trade: "I find it quite comical that people said I asked for a trade when I didn't ask for anything," the 29-year-old said. "I don't know who is floating that out there." - Calgary Sun"

You're welcome. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

he is too old, too slow, lacks elusiveness, and isnt high on football IQ, he should be thankful that the stamps gave him 100K + per season, if they are smart, they cut him before labour day so that they dont gotta pay him.