Boerighter returning to Calgary?

Word is that the Stampeders will be getting rid of Nik Lewis and Jemaine Copeland to create salary cap space for the return of Marc Boerighter. This makes sense as Boerighter isn't getting playing time down south and Higgins makes no bones of the fact he is tired of the Lewis/Copeland act.

I would have to say it would be great to see Boerighter in the CFL again. Can't say I will miss Copeland but if it happens, Lewis has the talent to come back to haunt, unfortunately his showboating sometimes gets in the way of his talent. Maybe the best thing would be to separate the 2 of them as they appear to be catalysts for each of their negative sides.

I think it would be kind of hard to get rid Nik Lewis. Like, I mean he's their best reciever statistically, and maybe getting rid of Jermaine Copeland would help with the attitude.

...straight up trade Copeland and Lewis to Montreal for Cahoon, pay Ben want he wants to make him happy, sign Boerichter in the off-season......come in $25.00 under the cap....

Cahoon would be a good boost to Stamps dressing room and Higgins values. He is a free agent so can't see a trade. As far as Copeland his game has dropped quite a few rungs in the last 3 years. He isn't even a top 10 receiver in the league anymore.

Lewis could be salvaged but he is very much like Sanchez and Cavil. The chances of him becoming a "man" are slim. Also after taking out a guy's knees who still has many friends in Montreal. I doubt the Als would be interested.

Dropping Copeland and Lewis and using the money on Cahoon and Boerighter would improved the Stamps. Barker can find American Receivers with an eye patch on anyway.

I don't know what happened to Nik Lewis? Last season he was a real force and was a threat on every catch. This year he was only a shadow of former himself. Copeland was always a hotdogger so no surprise there. I know Lewis signed a huge new contract this year...I hope he didn't blow his signing bonus on some illegal stuff, as so many good atheletes have done...?

Yes, they better be careful, the league takes this salary cap thing VERRRRRRRRY seriously....

:lol: The only ones taking the salary cap seriously are the Hamilton and Winnipeg fans.