Boerichter, Thelwell, Trade Rumours?????????


Coming from a talk show host, but where there is smoke, is there fire?

Last night on "Sports Weekend" Brook Ward reported that Calgary is shopping Thelwell and Boerichter around. He speculated that Wally would cut Tony Simmonds and make a deal for either player or both. If there is an ounce of truth to that rumour, what position would Calgary be looking to improve in? Who might be Lion Trade bait?

Any rumours in Stampeder land?

Funny, I'd have thought that instead of trying to find receivers, Wally'd be looking for a QB to throw to them, what with Pierce and Dickenson both out longterm....

...we have nothing in the way of QB fodder here so I can't see us giving any of the three we have up...on the shopping issue who knows these days Sporty...Higgins was quoted yesterday as saying that the offense is safe, and even our D, albeit shaky, shouldn't be worried about their jobs...

...that being said, if a trade was being worked on the number one area we need to improve right away at is our D line...our L'backers should be o.k. and I think our DBs will gel better as a unit as time passes by....

No problem Mad Jack, I'm throwing 50 balls a day, and using two bottles of Absorbine Jr a day.

Like I said Red, this rumour was generated by our weekend talk show host. More receivers doesn't make sense to me either, but, who knows!

Tony Boua was let go today with speculation that room was required for a new player coming in. Boe was in the paper saying the rumors of him asking for a trade is not true. Thelwell is another story. The guy has been a disappointment since arriving.

I don't see Calgary and BC trading with each other because they are both West Rivals. Even though Calgary and Saskatchewan made a trade right before the season started, it's rare for West teams to trade amongst each other.

...and we play each other twice more this, I don't see Wally and Jim doing much business together either...

Just makes for good rumour talk! :wink: :wink:

I'll get Arius to "Heat Up" RW2005 about the receiver rotation, to keep the rumour mill going! :wink: :wink:

Sporty you one of those guys that starts things up and then watch the two dogs fighting! You are bad I am going to phone Mrs Sporty and tell her about that blonde you been hanging around for coffee at Tim Hortons. The only thing rotating for Arius is himself spinning in his office chair. Then when he stops spinning he then gets to thinking about the Stamps. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Darn, you! You've been peeking again! :lol: :lol:

Peeking where at a Tim Hortons! Isn't that the meeting place for seniors or am I wrong. :lol:
Seniors and police officers!

You are correct! Seniors and Police Officers! :wink: