Bodog Over/Under Total

Just wondering if anyone else is getting the run around.

With all the hype around single game betting and the talk on some of the podcasts in the summer, I dipped my foot into online betting.

I took the over 6.5 regular season wins for Toronto with Bodog. So when the Argos won last night to get to 7 wins, that should be a win for my bet right?

I also previously took the Canadian women's soccer team to win a game. They won in OT and Bodog said that because it was OT, it didn't count as a win because a win is only during regulation. I get it. That was a single game outcome and even with proline I've seen that before where it's the score after regulation time.

But this 6.5 total is for regular season wins and when you're putting that bet down before the seasons starts you're thinking what their record's going to be, not how many games will they win not including overtime.

There wasn't any conditions that I could see on the bet. So I think Bodog misrepresented this over/under total. They should have said in regulation time or something. Toronto is still going to get there but I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyone else with the same experience?

Ever hear the expression THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS. You bet you play by the house rules. Sorry to say but not your rules as you are not the house