Boden Signs!!!

With the Cats...
Hopefully his crack dealer doesn't move to Hamilton as well..

crack dealer? am i missing something?

please expand on this.?

Your not missing anything, just another stupid Blin post.

Josh had some trouble as a minor, and was kind of taken under the wing by Wally and the Lions. He was accused of some minor infractions in the summer (possession of stolen property I think) which he was eventually not charged with, but Wally dropped him anyway, as the deal was he was supposed to stay completely out of trouble. He's a good little receiver and I'm sure he will do well in Hamilton. After the trouble we've had with our receiving this year I'm suprised Wally let him go, but I suppose he had to stick to his guns.

I was about to say the same thing. Typical Blin negativity.

Boden had troubles by hanging out with drug dealers...While else was he in possesion of stoden property?
It was mentioned in the papers countless times that his homeboys brought him down...
Maybe it's a stretch to say he acually used crack...but yes he does hang with that kind of croud in Van city .

It was never said that he did drugs or hung out with drug dealers. Never even insinuated in anything written about him in the paper. You think you can do drugs and perform as a receiver well enough to get a spot on Buono's team?

He grew up in one of the toughest areas in Canada and his old friends were a rough crowd. I'm sure there are lots of football players that can say the same thing. He's never been convicted of anything as an adult. The fact you say Van City shows you don't know what you are talking about. Where he came from is not 'Van City'.

Stop ready the national Enquirer! :roll: :roll: :roll:

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Seems that Josh Boden is once again in trouble with the law. Some people just never learn from their mistakes. For those of you that still insist on believing Josh Boden is an innocent choirboy maybe you should check out the site below and see what he is charged with this time. Wake up people; this guy is bad news and that is probably why he is no longer in the CFL.

[url=] ... t_List.pdf[/url]

P.S. Retrievil: North Vancouver is where Josh Boden grew up and is by no means "one of the toughest areas in Canada". I grew up near there and know where the dangerous areas are and North Vancouver is not one of them by a long-shot. Do your research before making innacurate comments like that one. Josh Boden would probably be in trouble no matter where he came from anyway. He had 2 big chances to make something of himself and he threw them both in the toilet. :thdn:

Retrievil, I now see that you claim to be from North Vancouver and say it's "one of the toughest area in Canada." I'm even more confused by your comment if you actually do live there. What is so dangerous about North Vancouver? Lonsdale Quay? The Capilano Suspension Bridge? Have you ever heard of Main and Hastings? Now THAT is a dangerous part of Vancouver. :roll:

P.S. Just because Boden was acquitted of the charges from the summer does not necessarily make him an innocent man.

The previous link I had attached is no longer valid. Try this one instead if you want to know what Boden is charged with this time:

(Go to Adult Court Lists and then choose Vancouver.)

Retrieval, a stolen property charge is not a minor charge. Good to see he was inosent though and getting back on with his life and staying out of trouble.

ok looks like 4 charges

  1. possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose
  2. Possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition x2


  1. Unauthorized possession of firearm

seriously guys I am not sticking up for him but does this have to be put on the CFL site So the guys finds trouble. Let him have his day in court. I hate to say this but this is as low as you can get for a thread.

I can see where your coming from Redwhite05, but criminal charges against adults are public information. Perhaps this thread should be focusing on him moving to Hamilton and his efforts to get away from the bad crown and start fresh. For that I will give props for. Everybody does stupid things, it's the ones who learn and grow from it who get my salute, and hopefully that will be Boden.

Oh I know they are for public knowledge but this is not the place IMO.

Well unfortunately Mr. Boden's career choice is one that puts him under public scrutiny and discussion. Can't stop a train once it starts rolling.

hmmmm it also appears that under Criminal Code Section 517 these charges and or conditions of his judicial interim release are not to be published in any newspaper for a specified period of time.

Redwhite2005, Boden is having his day in court yet again. If you don't agree with this thread you don't need to respond to it. This is public information (even though it seems someone wants it to stay quiet?!?) and whether or not you agree with it being posted here is your problem.