Bobby who

Ok, so we start a new LB, why who knows, but i dont know about anyone else, but really nothing but dust in the wind. look at the impact george white brought, that is when you bring someone in to take another guys position. auggie would have brouhgt more versatility to the game last night then bobby

Anyone who scores a TD should remain on the field

Bobby Play Well Last Night
one of the Few Players Who did..

my grandma could have scored that one, it is more then 10seconds that you have to make plays

Bobby Brooks needs to make plays when they are throwing 30 yards down field?????


Bobby Brooks played fine, and better than Auggie IMO. I would certainly start him next week.

I agree, Crash. I would had him blitzing Burris in the last minute as well, but I digress...

Oski Wee Wee,

no hating on anybody, but granted our D got all the points last night, (Boreham used to play safety, so he's part of the D), there were several mistakes by the Defense as well. Sure they didn't cost the game or nothing, but enough first downs to march the ball forward.

several of those first downs came from qb keepers where the MLB oughta have read the play. And for him having a good game, sure, if you consider giving up 10 yards on each tackle a good game.

Bobby Brooks has been my new favorite player since the preseason. I was thrilled when he scored that touchdown in spite of the easiness to score on that one. He had a fine game. It's not his fault that those keepers made it anywhere on him. Calgary did a good job of blocking him. The thing is that he got off the block and eventually did make the play. Not giving up is a good sign and something to make a case for starting next week.

bobby did sick

It was the guy's first start. Lets let him get used to the Canadian game. The guy's a player for sure. In training camp there was nobody close to him.

As for the QB keepers to the outside, lets just say that the DE on that side kept getting trapped to the inside and not containing, like he should have been.

The problem with the defense is not with the personnel, but with the total confusion they seem to be always other words it's the coaching. :cowboy:

You won't be asking Bobby who? for long.

He's a true MLB. He played very well Thursday night and his coverage on the two drop screns Calgary threw was fantastic...instant tackles.

I still love Auggie...but I think he should be moved to the outside spot over Cox/Mariuz.

I don't know what game you guys were watching, but Brooks looked very good to these eyes.

I thought Brooks was fine, I'm sick of these people who insist Auggie start just because he's Canadian, same with Marshall, if he was American, from an American school he would have been chased out of town long ago, and he would not have received any support from the media.

The linebackers played well we should have won. as for the crap of brooks not playing good should be thrown out .I remember Armour getting caught too, but factor in the play fakes burris used even faked the camera guy out too ,so just imagine how it was on the field . the fakes work because you have 2 guys who can run with the ball ,reynolds is a good running back and you have to respect him.

Hey westeast

How much can your gramma bench press? :lol:

She just might be a keeper. :cowboy: