Bobby Singh Suspended

Just when the O-Line got him back, and were starting to look like they were improving, they lose him for a game.

Granted it’s Hamilton, so I don’t think it’s going to affect the spread, but it was good to see him in against Toronto.

I assume this happened during the melee after the game, and he hit the referee trying to get at O’Shea, so I can’t really argue the suspension, but it is suprising that this was the only ruling that came out of that fight.

i agree... there should have been a suspension given to O'shea as well... for both the knee drop to the neck of the kicker... and for the rough play on the last play of the game...

but hey... the CFL can be a lot like the Canadian government... keeping Ontario happy is the #1 priority

.... :shock: ..........feeling just a little bit cocky there WCE?.......geez, wait til BigDave or Yeast#5 catch this like confidence, eh?.......

lol so true.

is O'Shea priming himself for the WWF. tour, with that drop kick crap. he reminds me alot of ol' Angelo Mosca ....dirty- shot artist.....definitely he should have got a game off for that one....let me see we got Baker the boxer and now this other pugilist trying to make a name for himself...the ref's better get a handle on this stuff... :?

to R&W where did you read cocky into my statement?

I said missing Singh shouldn't affect the spread, because Hamilton isn't known for thier super pass rush.

Missing an O-Lineman shouldn't make a huge difference in the QB protection area, and therefore shouldn't affect the spread.

But yeah I think the 3-0 Lions are gonna beat the 0-4 Ti-Cats

.......cockiness is derived from being so sure of indicated in the post that I quoted that not only would the win be a given, that missing singh wouldn't even threaten the spread on the game.....that to me is being very sure of oneself, i.e.'re probably correct, but stranger things have happened in our hallowed league and the fall from grace can hurt so damn much......

I think O’Shea is the dirtiest player in the league. Also that Hamilton will beat BC.

while I do believe that BC would win the game, I never made any statements about winning or losing.

I said Singh the player would not affect the predicted outcome.

The spread could have been in favor of Hamilton and the statement stands.

Again, where do I talk about winning and losing? I speak only of how one player affects the pre-game predictions of scoring.

I think you read into it because maybe the spread I speak of favors BC? That doesn't mean it'll happen, again only predictions here.'re correct, I read too much into it........

O'shea should be sitting out along with Singh as well.