Bobby Singh signed

...from what i remember of the guy, he was a pretty decent 'o' lineman with the leos.....didn't cut it with the stamps....maybe he'll be a good addition to shore up the Bombers o line...IF he still has game... :roll:

Taman's been after him since he was released by the Lions and now he finally got him. A good veteran guy for down the stretch and a proven winner.

He's the only player to ever win a Super Bowl, Grey Cup and XFL Championship.

Great Trivia question piggy.

The only drawback to Bobby Singh was his contract if my memory is correct. I think he will be an asset to the Bombers for the right price.

so he is good enoguh to win on championship teams but not good nough to stay

OH Dad Singh is a good guy but really think about our rookies beat him out and he was out of shape at TC.

.....i know my son,...he was not ready to play, when he hit Calgary...but has kept himself in shape ....we need someone who can back up our guys on the o line we have suffered a few nics in that position...Singh will fill in nicely...experience in the league speaks volumes...Taman can make some good moves occasionally :wink: :smiley: