Bobby Petrino to be coaching the "Stampede"

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Bobby "Frogger" Petrino (born March 10, 1961) -- Coach who led teams at college and pro levels; earned nickname for his penchant of "leapfrogging" from one coaching assignment to the next.

July 2006: Signs 10-year, $25.5 million contract with the University of Louisville to remain as head football coach. Petrino signs deal after stopping at Kinko's to run off new copies of his resume that reflect this new offer.

January 2007: Signs five-year, $24 million contract with the NFL's Atlanta Falcons to become head football coach. Promises that he and Michael Vick will win way more than three games by Week 14.

December 2007: Signs five-year, $14.25 million contract to return to college football as head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. By the end of his first year in the SEC West, Petrino has more wins than Mississippi's Houston Nutt, less luck than LSU's Les Miles, more fame than Mississippi State's Sylvester Croom, more money than Auburn's Tommy Tuberville, but less likability than Alabama's Nick Saban.

December 2008: Signs six-year, $10.2 million contract to become head coach of Major League Soccer's New England Revolution. Admits at introductory press conference that we were misinformed about what type of "futbol" he'd be coaching. NFL general managers and NCAA athletics directors vow never to hire Petrino as football coach again -- unless, of course, he interviews really well and seems like the answer to their desperate prayers.

October 2009: Signs seven-year, $18.8 million deal to be head coach of the NBA's New York Knicks. Promises to bring "honor, discipline, integrity, and a return to fundamentals that were absent under my predecessor, Isiah Thomas." Knicks start his watch by losing their first 37 games. But still, Petrino is hailed as a genius offensive play-caller.

April 2010: Becomes pit crew chief for NASCAR's Juan Pablo Montoya. Under Petrino's genius strategizing, Montoya's car qualifies for ninth place in the Chase for the Cup. But, with three races to go in the season, Petrino startles everybody by quitting the team. He does this by convincing Montoya to step out of the car to look at the tire pressure, then Petrino jumps into the driver's seat and races away.

September 2011: Returns to professional football by signing four-year, $8.8 million contract to be head coach of the Canadian Football League's Calgary Stampede. Petrino insists he really will honor all four years of this contract by noting, "because two Canadian years is like one normal American year."


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Earl, you've been taking his classes!

The Falcons arent even close to being a favorite team, but dude just totally screwed them over.

Is that a compliment Sportsmen? :wink:

For sure, Falcons get screwed but as far as I'm concerned in this life, take the money and run. If he turns this down and he doesn't get another offer and then the Falcons release him, well, who would look stupid then?

Anything with Turkeybend in the sentence is always a compliment! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Earl you might first of all get it right the Stampede as you are aware of I am sure is a rodeo. But your di show some great humor in this post. Thanks

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Thanks Dust and yes, not my writing. I just added the word Source before the url to show not my words, guess this is a good idea to do.