Bobby Kuntz's Grey Cup ring has been stolen!!

From Sportsnet:

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Sad to think that in those days, the players weren't paid that much and, yet, when they won a championship had to pay for their own ring.

How sad! Bobby Kuntz was a favourite of mine. He could carry the ball like few others.So many times, I thought
he appeared to be stopped after a hand off, but he's find a way to almost belly crawl his way for 4 or 5 more yards.

I hope his ring is returned.

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#23’s daughter deserves to have his ring back. The person who crawled out from under the rock to commit this crime should be forced to do community service. Perhaps he could clean the urinals in the new stadium. Of course, he would have to wear a sign informing the patrons of his crime. Cat fans would be very understanding, I’m sure.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

8) Bobby was also a standout Middle Linebacker for the Cats !! I can still see him stuffing the ball carrier on a goal line stand.