Bobby Brooks

With Bobby Brooks getting a turnover almost every game is this one of the best signings we did for defence during the off season?

Bobby Brooks is getting a pastry in every game he plays? Now THAT’s motivation!

I think Bobby has been one of our bright lights. The man can hustle and he has a nose for the ball. Very good acquisition fo rthe Cats...

Oski Wee Wee,

disagree auggie should be starting and the only reason he isnt is because for some reason if you are american and had a cup of coffee in the nfl you are automatically great. his turnovers were gift wrapped. anyways mlb isnt our teams problem and he s is doing an adequate job just saying that i could hardly call it a significant upgrade!

Auggie was getting run over like raccoons in the spring. Brooks is a true run-stopper. You could see the difference after he left the Montreal game with an injury.


Why did the chicken cross the road?

To prove to the racoons that it could be done.

Yes, Brooks is one of the best signings in a long time. Hopefully he's healthy again.

perception is reality i guess. either way they are both good players.

any upgrade at MLB is significant.

hmmmm weird... i remember people defending the usage of Auggie because he was canadian... (almost the exclusive reason) now you're saying that Brooks is only playing because he's got an american passport? something seems backwards.....

Espo - does he have a passport? Or one of those biometrically secure National ID cards?

trust me canadians go through this all the time. if you bring in a guy from the states that plays a american position there is a belief that because he is american or like i said before had a cup of coffee in the nfl that he is automatically better. im not saying he is garbage im just saying i havent seen anything out of him that tells me he beat auggie out except for picking up a fumble at his feet with no one around because he was no wheres near the play. you guys are taking it personal just an observation.

Then you haven't been watching any game he's played in.

i guess i havent. hey i hope he plays another steallar game tomorrow i will try and keep an eye on him. i dont know how you guys do all day and still be able to break down film player by player. hey were you the kid in highschool that played a terrible game and then fell on a fumble and the whole night your parents told you how great you were? nah i doubt you even played.

hey dont take that personal im just joking with ya. i dont want you to second guess your highschool career. just having some fun

Actually, I played a REAL sport in high school. Water polo. No pads, just a REALLY tight speedo to protect the nether regions. BTW - I guess I'm able to focus on more than one thing during a play, so I can appreciate a good player's positionong, body position and movement, and can guess at his mental preparation for the game.

Besides, Brooks has another 16lbs of beef on him. AND has stuffed the run while he has been playing.

ya gotta figure if he can play football and drink a cup of coffee at the same time, in the NFL no less, he's gotta have some supreme talent...

so many cliches so little time......

for the record, my rents never really did tell me how great i was...

the cheerleaders were busy doin that.


do you people pay attention to games, bobby picks up other peoples turnovers, as for hussel, if you watch game film if the play is not 5 steps away from him, he is jogging at most.auggie needs not to be replaced, your secondary needs upgrading

Brooks is a huge upgrade, I don't care what country he's from. When he puts on the uniform he's a Tiger Cat and that's all that matters.

Except for Espo's high school exploits that is. High School...the best six years of my life.


haha no but hes sick! great signing, hes a def leader on defence!

thats what i love about highschool girls...

i keep gettin older, thy stay the same age....