bobby brooks gone!

the front page says he was released today. was he really that hurt?


sorry to see Bobby Go ..
good Linebackers great person..

Wow, just wow.

why is everyone going crazy over this. he was just a guy at best. auggie is just as good as this guy and being canadian helps the ratio.

Both Auggie and Brooks are average at best, as with most positions on this team the MLB needs an upgrade.....and no Aggie is not the answer even with the ratio in his favour.

Can anybody say "Joe"??? :lol:

Maybe Josue looked promising at MLB.
Brooks was a great person and player. He got released because the coaches figured someone else can do the job better.

All the best Bobby.

brooks was an animal

i would have to agree with you. but that being said the way the league works makes auggie that much more valuable.

When Auggie was starting last year and this year teams were running over us. Lately the defence hasn't been the problem....only that they're on the field too long with no offence to move the ball. Hopefully Josue can do the job if Auggie can't or some reinforcments will be coming in.
Oh yeah, by the way, I'd leave Hitch or Beveridge at safey....alot more physical than Shaw. :cowboy:

It sickens me. ...another player without a paycheck to feed his family.

Unless he's badly hurt...this move stinks.

Um, would you like us to never make any roster moves then?

ahhh hendy are you here to eat crow? i told you a while back and im not one to say i told you so.

Isn't saying, I'm not one to say I told you so, basically the same as telling him?

Yeah, I thought so.


i know this lol.

They know the risks. Pro sports is about winning, accountability, value.

There are no union stewards to hide behind.

I feel for the player. Is there anything hideous about that?

What I would like is for better guarantees in player contracts.

I can't believe this!

Brooks looked great in camp and was good all of this season.

I thought he was a good find and a keeper.

Too bad!