Bobby Ackles Passes Away

Here is the TSN link.

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Sad news. Great booster of the CFL. Regards to his family.

The website reports that Bob Ackles passed away today. This is a great loss to the B.C. Lions and to CFL fans everywhere. Condolences to his family.

I am both shocked & sadened by this news. His book "The Waterboy" is a must read for all football fans.

Hardley had anytime to enjoy that yacht I see everyday on my way to work. What a shame. What a loss. All the best to the family.

Shocking Death a True Leader of the CFL .

A great man
A great football man
A great CFL man
You will be missed!
They should change the name of BC Place to Ackles Stadium in his honour

Rip Mr ackles a great father figure for this leauge. My Condolences to his family and friend.

I'm in the middle of his book right now. What an amazing guy and a true booster of the CFL. His loss will really be felt in the boardroom and down the road as the NFL seeks to make inroads into Canada.

Check out his book "Water Boy". It's a graet read for CFL fans. Plenty on Obie and others.

Condolences to his family, especially his wife Kay. He and Kay were like the two faces of the same coin.

An Argo-Cat fan

He will be missed.

Heck of a football guy. What a loss to his family and the CFL.

It was wonderful to see Bob Ackles do so well in view of his very meager beginnings as a waterboy, but it would have been so much nicer to see his life lengthened so he could enjoy the fruits of his labour for a longer time.

His contributions to the CFL will not be soon forgotten. RIP.

His contributions to the CFL will not be soon forgotten. RIP.
hopefully never

Canada HOF
Street Name
Stadium Name
Name in rafters
Bobby Ackles award
Bobby Ackles scholarship

Just to name a few ways he should be permanantly remembered.

Bob Ackles contributed so much to the CFL.

Angelo Mosca wrote about Bob Ackles last year in his blog...

"No matter how much success Bob enjoys as an executive, I will always remember that little waterboy on the sidelines, half-hidden behind the Lions players, with enough courage to shout at a 300-pound defensive lineman."

that's Bob Ackles.... he will be missed.

I got to Speak to Bob
when Came here last year for the Ticats BC Game.
Wow what can I say he was a Great Man
We talk Football and I told him about my Passion for the CFL game.
Then He Signed by Book.

If you get Chance to Read his Book …do it
It is a Great Book and you won’t be able to put it down.