I see a bobblehead is a giveaway later this year and it got me there any other tiger cat relevant bobbleheads?

i think there is a bob young bobblehead although i think its real and lifesize what with all the headshaking he's been doing the last couple of years.
charlie taaffe one also that comes with bellefeuille attachment and charlie is shaking his head at him.


No, there are no modern era, player specific, Ticat bobbleheads.
The only other one is a team (generic) one from the 60's.

At one time the previous owners planned a bobblehead giveaway and did have a prototype made but the giveaway never happened and now one man has a one of a kind ticat bobblehead that will likeley never be reproduced.

Good luck ever getting him to sell it. :wink:

Hahaaa!!!!! :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

I thought the Taaffe bobblehead just looked down at its clipboard and looked back up. :smiley:

Unless Taaffe is a really really really bad version of Shiva, there ain't no clipboard in operation! LMAO :wink:

The arms-folded-and-pshawing m.o. is more in play with Charlie. We'll see over the remainder of the season whether the low-key style of is going to go anywhere come November other than the door or if he's the Big Bad Buddha to lead us to a East semi-hosting. Time will tell -- and relatively soon.

Oski Wee Wee,