Bobblehead bobble

Looks like they did a pretty weak job of giving out the bobbleheads. They gave them out to the Forge fans before we even had a chance. People were going through the line multiple times. Lot of upset fans showed up early to be disappointed!

I got there 50 mins b4 kickoff. No luck. They only had 5000.

What did they even look like? Were they as good as the Kevin Glenn bobbleheads? ;D

They sent an email saying gates opened at 330 for the FC game so arrive early to get your bobblehead.

I showed up at 6, still had tons at gate 1/2.

They’re a replica of the old one from the 60s/70s (not sure when).

We arrived nearly 2 hours early and received ours. That said, I overheard a guy “bragging” how he got 8. Not cool!

I am sure that dude is trying to resell them now. :-\

When I went in gate 1 just before 630 they were still handing them out.

I didn’t grab one as I’m not really into trinkets of that sort.

Wish they would get back the Hamilton Proud lawn signs or even the Tiger Cat socks.

The lawn signs are holding up 3 years later, through all four seasons of weather.

Quite remarkable actually.

Yup check Kijiji.
Guy selling them for $25 each… “Multiple available”.

Nor sure what time we arrived exactly but no later than 6 and probably a bit before and there were lots of bobbleheads being handed out at Gates 1 and 2. My spouse and I each took one. Noticed them bringing out more boxes to the gate just after we got ours. Maybe they were more plentiful at 1 & 2? Don’t have a problem with those who arrived early to see Forge on the big screen being able to get their bobbleheads early. Didn’t look like there were that many sitting in the stands early. Of course there’s always going to be someone (or a few) who will take advantage unfortunately and try to profit from a free giveaway! As for us, we’ve unpacked them and will enjoy the souvenir of the Ticats first (but certainly not last) 15 win season and their 150th year!

Lots of replica Raptors rings handed out to the fans at their first game were on sale on EBay within hours!

We have been getting to the game early, via shuttle, and all year, gates 1&2, the south or Stipley end, have had ample supplies of give aways. Others in our section, who come in through the north gates usually found the giveaways were gone, or not even available.

Have also found that if you ask, the people will give you extras, which we have done to share with our section neighbours, especially the kids. Usually give ours away as well. Not normally a knickknacks collector.

Millions of giveaways from fans of the sporting world are now part of the resale collectable and antique markets. Money, money, makes the world go around.
I don’t begrudge them one bit.

Garney: Could it be, since he wasn’t playing, they put Masoli in charge of giving out the bobbleheads?

ok, now that is funny right there!

  1. Arrived at roughly 6:15 at Gate 3 and they had a few cases of them giving them out there !!

If somebody wants to pay $25 for one, on the secondary market… go for it …LOL ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I arrived at Gate 5 at 6:10 and there wasn’t even a trace of bobblehead to be found. Not even the several hundred people in front of me had one . Didn’t see one until the family of 5 in front of me showed me one from their collection of 20. They left 5 minutes into the first quarter. They found Canadian football confusing. At least they got a replica 70’s bobblehead for the TiCat 150 anniversary fan appreciation!

sounds like you just needed to show some extra effort and check the other gates.

many posters are advising they had bobble heads available well past 6:10.

I think it’s the team that needed to show some extra effort. Giving out bobbleheads 4 hours before kick off to soccer fans isn’t exactly a good way to show fan appreciation.

the team gave out 5000 bobbleheads, for free.

you are acting like a child.

but it isn’t the first time, and I’m sure won’t be the last time, that you act like a child on here.