Bob Young's story on SportCenter

I really hope this helps put to rest all the hate some people seem to have for Mr. Young. I suggest anyone who hasn’t seen it try to watch it tonight or tomorrow morning. It really shows Bob’s passion for this team and how he might come off as having his “rose-coloured glasses” on all the time. I think there’s really only so much an owner can do for those who want to take the blame to the very top. Unfortunately Bob can only try to make investments and hope to see gains and progress from it. Even if the team hasn’t won any Grey Cups under his ownership yet, he said he won’t give up until they do. Let’s show our gratitude for him saving our team from bankruptcy by supporting him and keeping up hope, and I say this as one of the team’s biggest critics this year.

That story brought tears to my eyes. I don't care so much about winning, I just hope we always have our team, and Bob Young to run it.

What a heartwarming story.

Michael Young was a true Ti-Cat fan and Bob and his brothers are tremendous individuals, giving,giving and giving.
I have always stood firm against all Bob Young dissenters and now I am even more grateful for his and his Family's contributions to the community.
As Ti-Cat fans we owe Michael, Bob and the rest of the Young family our unwavering gratitude


And you can watch that video by clicking the following link:

It's totally worth it to take six minutes and twenty-eight seconds to watch it.

Thanks so very much BYF for posting this link. I had no idea what the background was for why Bob took over the team other than his brother Mike had some part in it. It would be fitting if Bob can honor his brother at some point by putting together a winning season, and maybe the grand prize. Thanks again.......LTF

Not a problem, LTF. I figured that the more people who saw that video, and found out Bob's reasons for doing what he has done, the better.

Will have to watch this for sure, thanks for the info.

I think, simply, the main reason why so many seem to have a hate-on for Bob is due to people seeing him and his decisions with the stadium for not having it at West Harbour as the main reason why their man, Fred Eisenberger, didn't get re-elected. I think it is basically that simple, many of Fred's supporters never were or never will be TiCat fans, which of course is fine. And there really is no way to undo this as this is a political reason of which no Bob Young documentaries etc. will undo.

And certainly not anything for anyone to get upset over, all part of politics out there, everywhere.

Mr. Young is a real special gentlemen and we are so lucky to have him !! :thup:
Words cant express the appreciation I have for him ! Thanks again

The funny part about this is that those same people -- not all of them, but certainly some of them -- like to talk about how the Ti-Cats don't matter and that the majority of the people in the city don't care about them. If that is the case, then how could the people who support Bob Young, presumably Tiger-Cat fans, be in such high numbers as to turf a mayor? Can't have it both ways; they can't be an entity that matters little but be a powerful enough presence in the city to decide who does and doesn't get elected mayor.

But I don't want to make this thread about Eisenberger or any stadium stuff. I hope people watch the video because it was excellent.

Here's a YouTube link for those, who like myself, don't use Flash media on their tablets.

Amazing story. Got the eyes a little watery. Fantastic that it was narrated by Ozzy.

True enough Blogskee. And if Bob Young had of agreed to WH, those same people who never were and never will be Ticat fans would have laughed at Bob and said what a sucker sort of thing and gone around praising Fred for screwing BY up on the stadium. They would have been laughing and still wouldn't have cared about the Cats at all, and probably disrespected the team even more being door mats and that.

I know for myself, if I won't get respect either way from some people, I'd rather they hate me than call me a sucker wimp and laugh at me as such.

Earl- with all due respect, please shut up about the stadium in THIS thread at least. Please. I'm begging you (also if there is a Remembrance Day thread too...)

Will do mycko. Just watched the piece and very moving, wonderful but sad of course at the same time of course when anyone dies that is loved and cherished by family, but to know that the history of the Cats has this now as part of that history, adds a lot to me to continue to be a Cats supporter forever.

I do agree that discussions on the stadium location controversy should be kept in a certain thread that is about 800 pages in length.

And one thing to like about that feature is that it's a reminder that Bob Young is a very big fan of this team. What he said at the end of that segment said it all.

good video , i was sarcastic before i even watched the video a good piece, i hope and dream some day soon we win that cup again for all of us fans, Bob and his brother Mike :thup:

I was down at the Grey Cup train and it took me over an hour to get out of the west harbour and that was with probably a couple 1000 people :roll: :thdn:
So, Thanks again Bob, It will be worth the wait for the stadium at the IWS Site :thup:

Moonbase001 wrote:
ETMRaw wrote:
Santa arrives in downtown Hammer on Saturday AM. Santa and the Grey Cup! Wow!!

How about everyone drive down to see the train around the same time as the SantaC parade is set to start. Then you will get a true feel as to what it would've been like if the stadium had been built on the West Harbor site. Good luck and have a fun filled day!!!

Post of the Year!

I completely disagree Evil. Do you realize just how many Hamiltonians don’t care about the Cats? Loads and loads and loads. They would have laughed their arses off at BY and the Cats if the Cats agreed to WH (sorry, Evil brought this up again) and Fred was re-elected as a result and they still wouldn’t give a rats arse about the Cats. And especially if the soil remediation costs soared to some $30 mill as was suggested it could have and then nothing might have been built on time. Then they would have been blaming BY for agreeing to WH as again, as I say, they don’t care about the Cats and the Fred supporters would not have blamed Fred at all, it would have been agains’t something they couldn’t care less about, the Cats. As I say, I would rather have people hate me and despise me and call me a bully than laugh at me as a door mat. If I’m insane for thinking that, then I’m totally and 100 percent insane, completely.

I thought the West Harbour debate was dead however some people will not let it go. The Bob Young story brought a tear to my eye as well. The Young family have committed alot of time energy and money to keep Tiger Cats in Hamilton. Some where down the road the Tiger Cats will regain their stride and will become a power house again. Hats off to Bob Young and family and especially brother Mike. Oskee Wee Wee

Great piece on the Young family. Another reason to support the CFL----it's us.

An Argo-Cat fan

I had heard of Bob Young's reason for buying (saving) the Cats but it was wonderful to hear it from his and his brother's lips (with excellent assistance from Ozzie).