Bob Young

Hi everyone.
I was just wondering if any of you knew any way that i could contact Bob Young, by email. I would really appreciate the help!

Thanks a lot.

Where are his updates?

An Argo fan

ticats still stink!

Caretaker's updates can be accessed under NEWS above.

update....drummer_god is all over the map. Kick the Cats when their down...but I and everyone we'll never welcome you into the greatest CFL community which is The Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Bob Young = best owner cats have ever had

(now that we have football people in place!)

i never asked u to be welcomed.

I would love to have a team in Halifax. At least we'd beat the crap outta them!

for one or two years anyways..hahaha


I love your sense of humour!

Bob if you read this thanks. I now love to go to the games, BEST DEAL IN TOWN !!!! Thanks Bob

Pseudo: drummer_god, do you ever add anything constructive to the conversation?

drummer_god: Cats stink, LOL!

Yeah and the Eskimos were sooooo much better than the Cats last season.