Bob Young: we WILL beat them ( argos )**

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Even soft-spoken Hamilton owner Bob Young chimed in, albeit while first saying he didn't really want to criticize the Argos for trying to improve their team.

"I just don't think (Williams) is going to make a difference on the field," said Young.

"We're going to beat them."

Hamilton's refusal to play ball delayed the process for about four days, and Pelley said he found it frustrating after the Argos didn't raise a fuss when Hamilton acquired quarterback Jason Maas in a series of controversial transactions with the Edmonton Eskimos last fall.

"Although we didn't agree how they acquired Jason Maas, we didn't publicly offer an opinion at that time," said Pelley.

good point by argos, pelley....and its nice to hear bob young start trash talking...

this is gona be a FUN year, and we will all forget about ottawa.

"It didn't matter to us if they signed Ricky Williams or didn't sign him," said Hamilton general manager Rob Katz, who said the Cats weren't the only team to object.

"It just seemed awkward to ask another team to sign off on a transaction. I can't think of another sports league in which that would happen. You wouldn't see the New York Yankees asking the Boston Red Sox to do something like that."

Im not sure why the Cats would go out of their way and sign any document saying they couldnt pick up Williams during the wavier period??? Im glad they made them sweet alittle.

I personally like the idea of a little old-fashioned trash talk in the media. I know the CFL sometimes struggles as a league and this results in issues bigger than local rivalries. But the whole Barney approach ("I love you, you love me" etc) is not very satisfying for fans who carry around some good-natured dislike for certain other teams.

Why should we make exceptions or promises that we are not obligated to make, just to make it easier for our arch-rivals to beat us? If they can't get something done within existing league rules, then maybe it's something that shouldn't be done. Or maybe they need to sweat a little to come up with the solution.

It's not like Argos are a struggling franchise, nor did they lack a high-priced running back. I'm sure we would make reasonable efforts to help out if a franchise was actually in jeopardy. In this case, the franchise in question was simply greedy (as usual).

the argos didnt break any rules....neither did hamilton when they acquired jason maas.

but this rivalry thing just adds fun....and for those who only watched NFL, they will get to expierience and become quickly familiar with the best rivalry in football!

Great points ExPat. It was strange for Pelley to say the Argos didn't publicly complain when Hamilton acquired Maas. Someone needs to get their analogies straightened out--Hamilton didn't request anything from the Argos when signing Maas, nor did Hamilton volunteer any public complaints about the Williams acquisition.

oh man im pumped@!! i cant wait for this season!! gawd!!

They used to call this kind of bravo talk "whistling by the graveyard". :smiley:

are you saying the argos are so old they've got one foot in the grave? cuz otherwise i dont get your 'graveyard' analogy.....


No, but they were asking for an exception where standard procedure is concerned. I'm with ExPat - why should we make that exception?

I'm really not sure why they needed to ask teams to "waive" their waiver rights anyway, considering he could leave during the free agency window a couple of months after the season without any other CFL team having any say.

Popp has some interesting comments too. Wonder if Pelley will belly-ache to the press about them?

Damn those leaky boatmen
Can't they be like any other CFL team and play by the rules?
Although I'd love for Hitchcock to lay just one straight on openfield
tackle on Ricky Williams. That would show him! Punk

It's "bravado"...but bravo, Bob! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

it was just reported in the Sun , that montreal tryed to get Ricky but the argo beat them to i dont know why Jim Popp is complaining about the argos signing him?

Both owners have repeatedly said they don't care that Ricky is here. The players have said they don't care. It is the fact that something was fudged in the contract in order for him to be able to play only one year without an option. And the rules are clear on this. However Ricky somehow gets to go back without clearing waivers.

Katz said it best...

"It didn't matter to us if they signed Ricky Williams or didn't sign him," said Hamilton general manager Rob Katz, who said the Cats weren't the only team to object.

"It just seemed awkward to ask another team to sign off on a transaction. I can't think of another sports league in which that would happen. You wouldn't see the New York Yankees asking the Boston Red Sox to do something like that."

Again not the player but the league fudging its own rules. It was reported in the Sun was your first mistake. It is a Toronto newspaper with the TO people in mind. However, it may be true but regardless the outcome the fact still remains the CFL bent its own rules to better try and better itself with national exposure.

PS I live in TO but bleed BLACK AND GOLD

This should be a fun and interesting year.

lets think about how the contracts work, for a year plus an option...during that option, a player has a chance to sign a contract with an NFL team....which ricky already has, so i dont see how this is a big deal?

the dolphins simply wanted assurances that other CFL teams wouldnt try to interfere of find some secret loophole that prevents ricky from going back to the NFL....that is the reason the argos asked the other BOGs if there would be a problem. to simply satisfy the dolpins concerns, even tho it wouldnt have been a factor could anther CFL team sign ricky, when his option had been picked up by the dolphins?...this is no different than any other player who signs with the NFL during thier option year.

i also find it funny how u pick and choose which sun articles to believe...u believe the steve simmions article, saying hes signed for half a million, yet dont believe this one, which was written by perry lefko?

anyone who reads the sun knows, steve simmons articles are WORTHLESS, and perry lefko articles are full of worth. steve doesnt cover the CFL, while perry is at every event he can go to ( every game, training camp and QB challenge )

then to say u dont believe it cuz its from toronto...does that mean u shouldnt believe any ticat artilces in the spec?...everyone knows they can trust certain writers more than others nomatter which paper they work for.

The Argos agreed to release Ricky after this season

but the language in the clause in the standard CFL contract
referring to the window of opportunity to sign with an NFL team
didn't fit Ricky's situation as he already is under an NFL contract.

so, as I understand it, if he was released he would have to
pass through CFL waivers first, drummer_god.

Hamilton did not agree to waiving that right so the CFL
simply took the offending clause out of Ricky's contract.

and why wouldnt hamilton agree to waiving his rights?..perhaps hamilton wants him in black and gold?

point is, hamilton (nor any team) should have to waive any right merely to help the argos.

point is, hamilton refused cuz they wanted him for themselves.

rob katz will be on PTS in a listen to the fan590 ( on ) to hear bob drill into

just out of curiosity, why do you bold everyones name ronfromtigertown?

That's close to the situation. From what I've heard the situation is that Ricky Williams is suspended from the NFL, and therefore so is his contract, on which he has 2 years remaining. This is why he is able to sign with a CFL team. Williams is not eligible for reinstatement into the NFL until April (1 year after his latest violation and suspension). The period during with Option year players can sign with NFL teams expires before April, meaning that technically, by the expiration of the Option window, Williams is not under contract to the Dolphins and could conceivably be picked up by another CFL team.