Bob Young wants CFL to expand***

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MRX announced today that their innovative new idea has earned the company a contract to secure an appropriate city to establish a tenth franchise.

"Our new concept will allow us to identify the best possible market in which to establish the next great football franchise," said MRX owner Bob Young.

Rather than only considering cities with football stadiums, the concept involves a state-of-the-art floating stadium-barge. Powered by a large tug boat with a twin 12-foot diameter propellers and two 1000 hp diesel engines, the stadium will be brought into a number of waterfront cities in Canada and the United States. The stadium is estimated to be more than 150 yards long and more than 65 yards wide. Engineers will be working round the clock to ready the stadium for its inaugural voyage slated to take place on Saturday, July 1st in Welland, Ontario.

The first leg of the selection process will take place this season and has been dubbed 'The Lake Ontario Tour'. Starting in Welland, it will make its way east stopping in Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Rochester and Oswego in the United States and Port Hope, Trenton and Kingston in Canada.

"We are slightly concerned about the beginning of the Lake Ontario Tour," admitted Young. "Niagara Falls could prove to be a more difficult venue than we originally anticipated. But, by the time the day arrives, I am confident we will have the necessary measures in place to ensure a great gameday atmosphere."

Young also emphasized that this isn't just a short-term solution, but rather a catalyst for future expansion efforts.

"This is just the beginning of much bigger plan for the franchise and our league," said Young. In 2007 we are looking at the possibility of taking the stadium through the St. Lawrence Seaway and into the Maritimes. After that we will be just a stones throw away from play in Europe. It really is an exciting opportunity for the league

what kinda stadium is that?

I know we all want the CFL to grow and expand, but GEEZ!!!

must be an April fools joke.

They are just trying to keep their heads above water

I don't know, 1313, I think the idea could stay afloat.....

pretty dumb idea

Oh well it's all water under the bridge!


but how on earth would you get out there? by helicopter? that stadium will not host the GC, I guarantee you.

Ya they would be up a creek with out a paddle then

...yeah but i believe it all on-stream...and only a few rivers left to cross..

I don't know why, but I have a terrible sinking feeling about that stadium! :lol:

A little late, aren’t we? :wink:

just a tad bit slow, but no worries

no surprise either.... :lol: